Sir Roger Moore says no to Dubai foie gras

Der britische Schauspieler Roger Moore posiert am Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009, waehrend eines Interviews mit der Associated Press Interviews in Hamburg fuer ein Portraet. (AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer) --- British actor Roger Moore poses for a portrait during an interview with the Associated Press in Hamburg, northern Germany, on Wednesday, June 3, 2009. (AP Photo/Fabian Bimmer)
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Sir Roger Moore is not a fan of upcoming Dubai restaurant Fortnum and Mason.

The former James Bond star teamed up with the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to release an Arabic advert calling for a boycott of the British restaurant until the company stops selling foie gras.

The restaurant, founded in the exclusive London neighbourhood of Piccadilly by a footman to Queen Anne in 1707, is set to open its first overseas venture in Dubai - near the Burj Khalifa - this month.

”I do hope the good people of Dubai will not be taken in by Fortnum & Mason's scurrilous claim that "Englishness" characterises its products. In fact, Fortnum & Mason is widely condemned and boycotted in Britain as one of the last department stores that still sells foie gras – a product so cruel that it is illegal to produce both there and in more than a dozen other countries,” Moore said in a statement supplied by the PETA.

"The store shamefully circumvents British animal-welfare law by paying workers in France to force-feed terrified geese via metal pipes until their livers become distended and diseased. An investigation by PETA into the foie gras farms from which the store's distributor obtains foie gras found that the birds are being kept in the most appalling conditions. The great and the good in England – including the Houses of Parliament, Wimbledon, Lord's Cricket Ground, the BAFTA Awards and His Royal Highness Prince Charles – all refuse to serve this "torture in a tin". I invite compassionate Dubai shoppers to join us in calling on Fortnum & Mason to end its involvement in the barbaric force-feeding of birds for foie gras.”