Shawarmas are the Middle East's most tagged food on Instagram

The wraps are joined by sushi, pizza and burgers on the list of the most Instagrammable foods

To date, there are over half a million tagged shawarma images on Instagram. Getty Images
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Shawarmas have officially gone global. The popular Arabic meat and vegetable sandwiches are the most tagged food from the region on Instagram around the world.

There are tributes to the wraps themselves: 

To cooking the mighty shawarma:

To twists on the classic, like this chocolate shawarma: 

To date, the humble shawarma has been tagged an impressive 533,182 times – not taking spelling variations into account.

Pizza is the most shared dish on the 'Gram, with an impressive 39,403,430 tags under its cheesy belt. Also on the list are sushi (24,392,529 posts), pho (2,412,928 posts), kimchi (1,558,017 posts) and pad Thai (766,828 posts) from Asia.

There are 13,959,500 burger posts and 7,538,406 taco posts.

Food box delivery service Gousto compiled the research, based on both hashtag counts and Google search data.