Recipe: langoustine with leek, buckwheat and smoked goose agnoletti

Chef Grégoire Berger of Ossiano shares a recipe that includes one of his favourite ingredients: buckwheat

Langoustine, leek and smoked goose agnoletti, brown onion emulsion and buckwheat            
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Gregoire Berger, of Atlantis, The Palm’s Ossiano, says: “I love buckwheat, especially in seed-form, dried and fried. It has a wonderful flavour and evokes fond childhood memories. Renowned for its health benefits, buckwheat has a unique nutty and earthy taste. Despite having wheat in its name, buckwheat is, interestingly, gluten-free.” Berger was among the top 10 winners at the Best Chef Awards last year.

Chef Grégoire Berger. Courtesy Atlantis the Palm
Chef Grégoire Berger. Courtesy Atlantis the Palm

Langoustine with leek, smoked goose agnolotti, brown onion emulsion and buckwheat

Serves 8 

Ingredients and method for the pasta dough (ravioli) 

500g flour

4 whole eggs

8g salt

Parsley puree for colouring

Olive oil

Mix the flour and eggs, add the rest of the ingredients and chill for 1 hour. Use a pasta machine to make the pasta, ranging in thickness from 8mm to 1mm. Use a cutter to make equal quantities of 4cm and 5cm discs.

Ingredients and method for the leek mix 

4 garlic cloves

Thyme, to taste

200ml chicken stock

20 pieces baby leeks

1tbsp olive oil

20g cured goose/smoked duck

100ml cream

Infuse the garlic and thyme into chicken stock for 1 hour.

Burn the leeks on the grill, then chop. Cook them in a saucepan with olive oil until soft, then pour cream and reduce. 

Add the chicken stock and goose, and slice and reduce until dry.

Check the seasoning, and once it cools down, stuff the ravioli with the leek mix like so: spread a bit of water around the 4cm pasta disc, put a spoonful of leek mix in the centre, then cover with a 5cm pasta disc and pinch around circumference to close the discs.

Cook for 2 minutes in boiling salt water before serving.

Ingredients and method for the egg yolk dressing 

15 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste 

Cook whole eggs in water at 64ºC for 1 hour 35 minutes.

Cool down, remove the yolks and mix with pepper and salt until a smooth paste forms and

place into a piping bag.

Ingredients and method for the onion foam

10 white onions

2l whole farm milk

250g heavy cream

Salt and pepper to taste 

Cook the onions in 180ºC oven until they are slightly burnt, then remove the skin and infuse into the milk for 2 hours.

Cook the onion flesh with cream, add salt and pepper and cook for an hour before mixing.

Combine infused strained milk and cream mix, then season and emulsify.

Ingredients and method for the buckwheat tuile 

40g melted butter

120ml water

20g buckwheat flour

Salt and pepper

½ tbsp squid ink

Mix all the ingredients and make tuile in a non-stick pan.

Ingredients and method for
the langoustine

8 pieces langoustine

Canola oil for cooking

Roll langoustine with a skewer stick in a round shape. Heat the oil, then colour langoustine on each side for two minutes and serve immediately.

To serve

Put the egg yolk dressing in the middle and cover with the onion foam. Top with the langoustine and ravioli, and cover with a buckwheat crisp, herbs, chives and buckwheat seeds.


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