Participate in a home coffee brewing championship and stand to win Dh7,300

Do you have what it takes to make that perfect cuppa?

Share a video of your coffee-brewing technique on Instagram to be a part of the online competition. Courtesy of Mokha 1450
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If the dalgona coffee trend has proven anything, it's that people in isolation really will go to those extra lengths for that perfect cuppa.

Well, if you’re spending a few extra minutes making yourself a home-brewed drink anyway, why not enter a competition and stand to win some big bucks?

Coffee brand Mokha 1450 has announced the firstworld home coffee brewing championship to "keep the coffee community engaged with other coffee lovers and their local speciality cafes."

The home coffee brewing champion will win $2,000 (Dh7,346 approximately), a limited-edition custom hand-carved Chemex featuring Mokha 1450’s Marabea design, and four bags of the brand’s single-origin coffees.

The second place winner gets $1,000 (Dh3,670), a custom-made aeropress and two bags of single origin coffee, while the third place gets $500 (Dh1,830), a hand coffee grinder and a bag of the single origin coffee.

How to participate:

All you have to do is upload a video of yourself on Instagram showcasing your home-brewing technique, using the hashtag #homecoffeebrewingchampionship and tagging Mokha 1450 and World Home Coffee Brewing Championship.

The brand has listed three rules:

  1. All coffee must be brewed from home (any home)
  2. Competitors should use whole speciality coffee beans if possible
  3. Have fun and get creative

Since the brand can’t actually taste the coffee, it encourages participants to be as descriptive as possible when talking about the flavour profile of the brew. Also, simple instructions on how to brew the coffee from start to finish are preferred. Any and all brewing gadgets (Aeropress, Chemex, V60 and espresso machines) are allowed. Finally, only one entry is allowed per person.

“In response to these trying times we’ve put together this special event to lift people’s spirits and provide those isolated in their homes around the world with an opportunity to come together around coffee, one of the world’s most unifying (and delicious) subjects,” says Garfield Kerr, organiser of the event and CEO of Mokha 1450.

“The beauty of this competition is that literally anyone can enter and get involved; all you need is a home brewing coffee gadget, and coffee!" he adds.

The completely digital competition will conclude on Tuesday, April 28