McDonald's shares Egg McMuffin recipe for people to try at home

The fast food giant lifted the lid on its bestselling breakfast item

People are recreating McDonald's famous Egg McMuffin while they stay home. Courtesy McDonalds
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With people around the globe stuck at home in self-isolation, fast-food giant McDonald’s has given everyone a new breakfast option, by sharing the recipe for its world-famous Egg McMuffin.

The Egg McMuffin is one of McDonald's most popular breakfast options – accounting for more than a quarter of the burger chain's total annual sales.

The sandwich was invented by McDonalds’ founder Herb Peterson in 1972, and was inspired by a classic Eggs Benedict. The circular shaped muffin was the first fast food breakfast item to be nationally available across the US.

With only five steps involved in the preparation, people across the globe have been quick to try whipping up their own McMuffins, sharing their efforts online with the hashtag #justlikemcdonalds.

In the UAE, the famous Egg McMuffin is topped with a slice of chicken roll, so if you’re craving a taste of your usual fast-food favourite, you’ll need to swap out the sausage meat in the original McDonald's recipe for the chicken roll.

5 steps to making your own Egg McMuffin

McDonald's dropped its method for cooking the famous Egg McMuffin at home to give people in self-isolation a way to curb fast-food cravings at home. Courtesy McDonalds.


  • 1 English muffin
  • 75g sausage meat (or a slice of chicken roll)
  • 2 eggs
  • An American cheese slice


1. Toast the English muffin under the grill or in a toaster until golden brown.

2. Season the sausage meat with a pinch of salt and pepper then shape it into balls. Flatten into patty shapes and cook under a preheated grill for six to seven minutes on each side (or as per instructions on the packaging.) You can also use a slice of chicken roll.

3. To prepare the eggs, brush the inside of a metal ring with a little oil and place into a small frying pan. Pour in just enough water to cover the base of the pan then bring to the boil.

4. Crack the eggs into the rings, cover the pan and cook on medium heat for two to three minutes.

5. Take the American Cheese slice when it’s time to assemble your muffin, and lay it on the bottom of the muffin, adding your patty, followed by the egg on top.