Karak House adds nostalgic Emirati dishes with modern flair

Emirati restaurant Karak House has introduced 11 new dishes to its menu. Courtesy Karak House
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Karak House, a homegrown Emirati restaurant on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in downtown Dubai, has just introduced 11 new dishes that are both modern and nostalgic. The dishes draw on traditional Emirati tastes while adding a contemporary twist.

The new menu includes lamb thareed, lamb braised with root vegetables and paired with rgag bread baked on a hot iron; a meat-free version of harees, flavoured with onion, garlic, chilli flakes and basil; and a saffron and rose dessert, which pairs a Nutella-laced croissant with rose saffron petals and a pistachio crumble.

There are new dishes available for breakfast too including baith wa tamat (egg and tomato) with chilli and cumin; almond French toast with rose and honey syrup; and fig bircher muesli with granola, goji berries, cranberries, whipped yogurt and fig jam.

Mohammed Ali, Co-Founder of Karak House, says, “Our culinary team has been tasting and retasting dishes for months now to ensure the new menu maintains our signature balance of local heritage in modern flavours. The end results offer great variety to the Karak House offering and, we are proud to say, does not compromise on our mission to further local dishes in Dubai’s restaurant scene,”

Karak House opened on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard near Manzil Hotel in 2014. It’s open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9am to midnight. Call 04 551 6852.