Hyperama: new South African supermarket in Dubai sells everything from Ghost Pops to Lucky Star

The Al Quoz store is unassuming from the outside, but is a veritable treasure trove for South African expats

Hyperama in Al Quoz sells a variety of South African classics. 
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Ricoffy, Steri Stumpie, Jelly Tots, Nuttikrust, Ilovo syrup, Mr Sweet peanut snack, Robertsons salt and vinegar seasoning, Jolly Jammers and Cross & Blackwell tangy mayonnaise: a new mini supermarket in Dubai's Al Quoz caters to the nostalgic tastes of South African expats in the UAE.

Hyperama stocks distinctly South African snacks and products, and also has a butchery section featuring polony (Dh40) and Russians (a kolbasa sausage, Dh48). There's even a mini cafe that serves Wimpy-style breakfasts (Dh75), bunny chow (Dh45) and boerewors rolls (Dh30).

The supermarket opened just before the summer, and we visited it on Friday after we discovered Sweets N Treats on the Palm Jumeirah was shut (this was the previous, but much smaller, home of South African snacks in Dubai).

Hyperama was busy with a crowd of South African expats when we popped in, and we overheard one shopper shout to his mum, 'this is amazing,' while holding up some of his favourite candy.

The Ghost Pops, Nik Naks and Flings were all sold out: the team told us these fly off the shelves as soon as they land, with some customers buying dozens and dozens of bags at once. Another shipment of the famous chip brands will arrive in about a week.

Other hard-to-find products we spied were Woolworths Prawn Cocktail snacks (Dh10), Pecks Anchovette fish paste (Dh14), Beacon fizz pops (Dh1.50), Marina braai salt (Dh21), Sparletta fizzy drinks (Dh5) and Lucky Star pilchards (Dh12).

The store also sells South African flags, vuvuzelas (Dh40) and non-food items such as Elizabeth Anne's baby products and Zambuk ointment (Dh22).

They will also make classic South African baked goods on order:

The shop offers an online delivery service (with a delivery charge of Dh10 to Dh20): you can browse all the products they sell on the website.

The small supermarket joins the many options in Dubai catering to expats craving a taste of home: you will find classic products from the United States at Safestway in Jumeirah, New Zealand meats at Prime Gourmet in Gold & Diamond Park, everything Italian at Eataly in Dubai Marll, and Australian items in Pure South near the Greens, which is right next to the family-run 1004 Gourmet, which sells Korean and Japanese specialty foods and beauty products.

Hyperama is open daily from 10am to 8pm (9.30pm on weekends), and is in the Al Shafar building on 5a street in Al Quoz (058 108 8786, hyperama.ae).