Dibba Bay Oysters: Get locally sourced seafood delivered to your door in Dubai

The company has launched a delivery service along with its first oyster shop

Dibba Bay Oysters launched in the UAE in 2016. Courtesy Dibba Bay Oysters
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When it comes to food, there is very little you can't get delivered to your door in a heartbeat in Dubai. However, the most fervent of seafood fans have, typically, had to plan ahead should they wish to dine on oysters for an evening, as the speciality seafood is more commonly found in gourmet supermarkets and fishmongers.

However, as of today, September 6, Dibba Bay Oysters are available to order on Deliveroo. Delivery spans select neighbourhoods across Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim, and out to Dubai Hills.

"We have been growing our production of oysters in the past few months and started to see an increase in our retail distribution," Dibba Bay Oysters's marketing manager, Moeko Le Bourhis, told The National. "We wanted to cater to our customers and satisfy all their oyster cravings."

The brand has expanded to open an oyster pick-up cabin in Umm Suqeim, Dubai. Courtesy Dibba Bay Oysters

The delivery service has launched with the brand's first oyster shop in Dubai, which has opened in the Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour. Pick-ups are available from 10.30am to 8.30pm, daily.

Appeal of shopping local

True to their name, Dibba Bay Oysters grow in the waters off northern Fujairah, which have historically been more famous for their pearl oysters.

"We have noticed a surge in people shopping local in 2020. The environment in which they grow has an influence on the taste of oysters and we are very proud to be able to bring such a unique product directly from our waters of Fujairah," Le Bourhis added. "The local factor also makes a huge difference in how fresh they are when they arrive on our customers’ tables. And a lot of feedback we have received so far is indeed that these are two elements that people are looking for now.

The Dibba Bay Oysters farm was established in Fujairah in 2016. Courtesy Dibba Bay Oysters

"There is definitely an appetite for discovering local products and produce, and especially to understand how and what can be cultivated in the UAE. We have seen a surge in the offering as well, from local farms and factories, and this shows the increased interest in growing a sustainable array of local products."

Many businesses have been forced to take pause amid the coronavirus pandemic, but as it expand parts of its operations, Le Bourhis says that Dibba Bay Oysters has not been affected "too much" by restrictions put in place over the past few months.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has given us time to observe and adjust our distribution with the market trends," she says. "Overall, we have not been affected too much, but we have seen a shift in our business mix; where we couldn't supply for restaurants when they were not operating, we would cater through our retail and distribution partners.

"There has definitely been a new type of demand from consumers eager to try local products at home. Whether this trend is temporary or long term, we are lucky to be able to respond to both types of demand."

Dibba Bay Oysters start at Dh99 for 12 pieces, oysters knives are separate for Dh9; Dibba Bay Oysters is also available via Hapi at Dh68 for six pieces; all available on Deliveroo in Dubai