All the baking supplies and pastry tools you need at the best baking supply shop in Abu Dhabi

Kids will love this pancake griddle found at Awani in Abu Dhabi. Courtesy Stacie Overton Johnson
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With the festive baking season upon us, it’s time to break out the cookie cutters and rolling pins. And if you’re in the market for some new or hard-to-find baking and pastry tools, I’ve found the place for you.

The baking section in Awani Housewares and Furnishings in Abu Dhabi has everything I’ve ever wanted — and a whole lot more. There is a section on the ground floor of various pans for breads, loaves, cakes, muffins and the like.

But the mother lode is upstairs. As you ascend the staircase, you come face to face with the baking department of your dreams. There is a wide range of Wilton cake pans (fairy castles, Buzz Lightyear, a princess carriage, a stand-up house, zoo animals and so much more). There are chocolate moulds, sweets moulds, Wilton food colouring pots, colour dust, edible accents, dozens of pretty baking cups, ready-to-use fondant icing and isomalt sugar so you can make your own sugar art at home.

There is a wall of cake decorating tips to attach to your pastry bags to help you create any shape, flower or design you can dream up. There are more baking, moulding and pastry tools in this shop than I’d ever know how to use. I dare say this place has it all. I even found a speciality pan to can cook pancakes with smiley faces on them.

In my first visit to the shop last night, I bought a Wilton stand-up house-shaped cake pan, a Wilton 12in x 18in sheet cake pan, a Prestige baking tray with 12 festive cookie cutters, one 14in square cake board, six Wilton 13in x 19 in cake boards, a Wilton cupcake decorating set (which has been discontinued according to Wilton’s website), 12 Wilton disposable decorating bags, four Wilton decorating tips (#2B, #5, #18 and #3), a Wilton tip cleaning brush, 75 Wilton birthday-themed baking cups and a Wilton 2-cup liquid measuring cup. The cost of my haul: Dh393.

Awani is a gold mine. I am simply blown away by the sheer volume and variety they have on offer.

Awani is on the corner of Muroor and Dhafeer, near the Abu Dhabi Co-op. It's open from 9am to midnight Saturday to Thursday and from 4pm to midnight on Fridays. Cash and credit cards are accepted.