Ain Dubai: what to expect from the gourmet dine in the sky experience

The UAE attraction, which opens on October 21, has a culinary experience for those looking to take their meal to new heights

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Dining among clouds is not new in a city that’s home to some of the world’s tallest buildings. But Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest observation wheel, is all set to take the concept to new heights.

The Dubai attraction has recently announced that it will open to the public on October 21. And apart from the general observation cabins, it has a number of other packages that customers will be able to book for a bespoke experience.

One such example is Dine in the Sky, one of their most exclusive formal dining packages.

Customers who opt for this can book for any time slot (day, night or even the popular sunset timing), and enjoy two rotations instead of the standard one, which is 38 minutes. That makes it about one-and-a-half-hour experience.

The height of taste - An exclusive look at Ain Dubai's dining experience

The height of taste - An exclusive look at Ain Dubai's dining experience

Guests will be able to enjoy a private cabin setup with a formal dining table set up inside. White tablecloth, understated cutlery, folded napkins and even a centrepiece are some elements that can be expected, although the table arrangement can be customised according to the occasion. Unlike the social cabins in Ain Dubai, all the chairs face inwards providing plenty of photo opportunities – both seated and standing.

The cabins move at a leisurely place, so gradual that you will hardly feel it; nor will the movement disturb the meal.

Onto the food

While the menu and dining options are customisable, the dine in the sky package is inclusive of up to four courses – an appetiser, starter, main and dessert. Guests can also choose to have just a starter, main and dessert. Two drinks are included per rotation per person. Different cuisines can be requested, including Arabic, International and Asian.

An example of some dishes that will be available include starters such as a Caprese vine tomato sweet basil and balsamic salad; glazed chicken breast with truffle mash and mushroom sauce for a main; and desserts such as salted caramel chocolate fondant with hand-whipped vanilla ice cream and brittle.

If you’re wondering how the Ain Dubai makes the magic happen, it’s because the venue has two kitchens on-site. Food is prepared, assembled and served within the private cabin, depending on the menu.

No expense is spared in terms of service. The food will be served within the cabin by a private butler and a chef, who will be in the pod at all times. The chef will also narrate the experience dish by dish and share details on how it was prepared.

Once you’re done with your meal, chances are you may look up to a new view outside as the cabin moves along.

For those looking for bespoke dining experiences, Ain Dubai certainly ups the ante. After all, a lot of places may offer sky-high meals, but few have a meal option wherein the 360º backdrop changes by the minute.

Priced at about Dh4,500 for a group of eight, depending on the menu and beverage option chosen; to book, contact Ain Dubai at For a look at some of the other experiences on offer, as well as prices, timings and parking, click here.

Updated: August 30, 2021, 11:09 AM