Fashion illustrations exploring duality of Middle Eastern women on show in Dubai

The display marks the first major solo show in the region by fashion illustrator Laura Laine

Nothing Compares To You: an illustration by Laura Laine
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Fashion illustrator Laura Laine is hosting In Bloom at the Courtyard Gallery in Dubai, until November 3.

This is the Helsinki-based artist's first major solo exhibition in the Middle East - she's previously shown in Tokyo, New York, London and San Francisco, as well as created pieces for brands such as Givenchy, Harvey Nichols and Sephora.

The 10-work series is a celebration of the multifaceted modern-day women of the Middle East, personalities who are at once elegant and assertive. Laine was inspired by the real-life success stories of the intelligent and eclectic women who live in this region, protagonists whom she then reimagined in her bold and distinctive style.

Annuska Arponen & Laura Laine Photographer Juha Mustonen Instagram @juha_mustonen Styling Sofia Oksanen MUAH Anu Levy
Use Your Illusion, a sketch by Laura Laine  

The illustrations are a good example of the creative licence Laine is known to take with proportions - elongated figures, dramatic ensembles and exaggerated, often distorted hair. Expressions range from a concentrated gaze to lucid stares and pursed lips,  which are meant to reflect the complexity of emotions and myriad backstories that make up each personality.

The sketches stand out for their exaggerated ensembles and hairstyles 
The sketches stand out for their exaggerated ensembles and hairstyles 

The monochromatic sketches are loosely presented in pairs, with names such as Wild Child, In Your Dreams Only, Nothing Compares To You and Use Your Illusion. They are available to buy from the gallery, and cost between Dh11, 200 to Dh16,900.


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