Faltmal: Ikea launches cushion that transforms into wearable quilt

The product is available in the US and will soon be sold in the UK

Many of us have become well-acquainted with the comforting appeal of loungewear in the past year, but one of Ikea's newest releases might be even cosier than most.

A crossover between a cushion and a quilt, the Faltmal will make an unusual addition to many wardrobes.

The latest innovation from the Swedish furniture store has been designed much like its other products – it is multifunctional and can be folded to save space.

Currently available in the US and set to be available in the UK in April, the Faltmal is described as a "cushion / quilt that keeps you warm and comfy when travelling, relaxing in the hammock or cuddling up in the sofa" on the Ikea website.

“The genius, button fastening keeps it from sliding off when you reach for your coffee,” the description continues.

Made from recycled polyester, the Faltmal comes in one colour: dark green with orange zipper lining. When zipped, the product can be used as a cushion with a fishnet side pocket for storage.

When unzipped and unfolded, it transforms into a floor-length quilt with sleeves, while clips at the back fasten it in place. The fishnet feature then turns into a front pocket.

It seems that Ikea intends for the product to be used as warmer weather arrives in the US and Europe and outdoor activities become more common.

"Whether enjoying a celebratory evening with friends or swapping the traditional summer holiday for a camping staycation with the family, the Faltmal quilt will help wearers stay cosy and warm once the sun goes down," Ikea said.

The product is priced at $34.99 in the US and will sell for £25 ($34) in the UK.