Bronde is back: How to achieve the brown-blonde hair colour trend loved by celebrities

A low-maintenance style that works with the hair's natural colour and doesn't require constant touch-ups, bronde is an ideal summer hairdo

Hailey Bieber, left, and Jennifer Lopez are both fans of bronde, a hair colour that mixes brown and blonde. AP; Reuters
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There’s an argument to be made that the bronde hair trend never really goes away. That it simply hangs around in the background atop fashionable heads, then explodes in popularity every few years.

Bronde, a portmanteau of brown and blonde, is having another comeback for the summer this year. For this easy-to-maintain style, add honey tones and natural-looking streaks to your mane.

“The blend of brown and blonde tones in bronde hair creates a sun-kissed effect that's perfect for summer,” says Cat Hawkes, artistic director and owner of Salon 971 and colour ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional UAE. “It can make your hair look brighter and more radiant, and can even enhance your features.

“It’s also low-maintenance,” she adds. “During the summer months, many people prefer a hair colour that doesn't require frequent touch-ups. Bronde is a great blend because it can help conceal the roots and any regrowth.”

A celebrity-favourite colour

While some celebrities have jumped on the bronde bandwagon recently, others, such as Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, have been fans of the colour for years.

“Extremely flattering, the shade has been seen on A-listers who were once blonde, so J-Lo, Margot Robbie, Hailey Bieber and most recently Kaley Cuoco,” says Sam Carpenter, hair artist and educator at Eideal. “Of course, hair trends are constantly evolving. And now rather than global colours such as platinum or streaky highlights, there is a move towards embracing natural-looking hair. It's why bronde has experienced a real following.”

Bronde is a natural development from colour trends such as balayage, which require more upkeep. It’s also closely tied into the #richgirlaesthetic hashtag on TikTok, popular with Gen-Z and exemplified by Bieber.

“This hair colour is very expensive-looking, so it fits well with the so-called the ‘Stealth Wealth’ aesthetic,” says Carpenter. “Think neutral-toned colour palettes when it comes to clothes, a focus on luxury materials such as silk and cashmere and absolutely no obvious logos in sight.”

How to go bronde

“It is easier and healthier to go little by little into a bronde, and add tone and depth to naturalise the hair,” says Kelly Cyndrowski, founder of Salon Ink and creative director of Goldwell Middle East. “To achieve this, your colourist will be able to use a non-permanent colour that will make your hair feel softer and look shinier, and usually last longer.”

For brunettes looking to try the trend, the process is longer depending on how blonde and light you want to go.

“The lighter you go, so if you're choosing to be quite heavy in the amount of blonde, it will affect the integrity of your hair, meaning the condition will change,” says Cyndrowski. “When going lighter, I would say that high-quality products should be used to focus on building hair health, backed up with a good shampoo and conditioner.”

Why bronde is the perfect colour for summer

“The best thing about bronde hair is that it is low maintenance,” reiterates Carpenter. “When needed, you can amend it to be warmer or cooler with the addition of more well-placed highlights or lowlights. Doing this ensures your blonde strands do not look too yellow, brassy or ashy, but rather have a beautiful multi-dimensional tone.”

The style works especially well in summer, because the sun naturally lightens hair, giving a boost to dyes that would otherwise fade. It’s also ideal for those who go away for the summer months. The trend was also born out of the pandemic during which many people went bronde naturally due to months without seeing a hairstylist.

“Consumers are wanting a softer and one can say a more lived-in-looking blonde,” says Cyndrowski. “The transition has come from the lockdown period where people were unable to see their colourists as regularly, so adding a warmer tone and depth to your blonde makes it more natural and organic instead of super-bright or ashy.”

“If you are planning a long summer away, the separation anxiety from your favourite colourist for needing your roots doing every few weeks will disappear,” says Cyndrowski.

Hawkes adds: “Bronde can be customised to suit a range of preferences. While some people may embrace the retro vibe with a bold, statement-making bronde look, others can opt for a more subtle, natural-looking blend of brown and blonde tones.

“So, although it does have a nostalgic feel for some, it's also a modern and fashionable choice that can be adapted to fit a variety of looks and moods.”

Updated: May 04, 2023, 3:59 AM