Where to attend Christmas Mass in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the UAE

Traditional services in different languages are planned across the Emirates, from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah

Nuns pray during Christmas Eve Mass in the UAE. Christopher Pike / The National
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Thousands of Christians in the UAE will take part in traditional Mass services on Christmas Eve.

Services will be held in languages from Arabic and Malayalam to English and French, across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Churches will celebrate Christmas with traditional carols and midnight Masses.

Here's where you can go.

Abu Dhabi

St Joseph’s Cathedral

St Joseph’s Cathedral will be hosting one of Abu Dhabi’s biggest Masses, expected to be attended by thousands. There will be a number of services taking place throughout the evening, starting with a celebration in French.

Full schedule:

5pm: French Mass (St Joseph’s)

7.15pm: Penitential Rite With General Absolution

7.30pm: Christmas Mass (Outdoor)

9.15pm: Penitential Rite With General Absolution

9.30pm: Christmas Mass (Outdoor)

11pm: Carol Singing By All Faithful

11.45pm: Penitential Rite With General Absolution

12pm: Midnight Christmas High Mass – (Outdoor)

Christmas Day schedule: 

4am: Malayalam (St. Joseph)

6.30am: English (St. Joseph)

7.45am: English (St. Therese)

9am: English (Outdoor)

10.15am: English (St. Therese)

10.30am: Arabic (Outdoor)

10.30am: Korean (Assisi Hall)

12pm: Noon Polish (St. Joseph)

12pm: English (Outdoor)

4pm: Urdu (St. Joseph)

4.30pm: English (Outdoor)

5pm: Italian (St. Joseph)

5.30pm: English (St. Therese)

5.45pm: English (Outdoor)

6pm: Spanish (Parish Hall)

6pm: Konkani (St. Joseph)

7pm: English (Outdoor)

7pm: Tamil (St. Therese)

7.15pm: Arabic (St. Joseph)

7.30pm: Sinhala (Assisi Hall)

8.15pm: English (St. Therese)

8.30pm: Malayalam (St. Joseph)

8.30pm: Tagalog (Outdoor)

Where: Al Mushrif - Abu Dhabi

A man prays during Christmas Eve mass at St Joseph’s Cathedral in Abu Dhabi. Christopher Pike / The National

St Andrew's Church

St Andrew’s Church in Al Mushrif will hold a traditional midnight Mass service on Christmas Eve. Mass will begin at 11.30pm, and the service will be held in English.

Where: 17 Street, Al Mushrif Area

St Nicholas Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox Church will hold a special three-and-a-half-hour Christmas Eve Mass, which is expected to be attended by about 600 worshippers.

Where: 17 Street, Al Mushrif Area

Evangelical Community Church

The Evangelical Community Church will host a Christmas Eve service from 7pm to 8.30pm, which is open to all.

Where: 18 Street, Al Mushrif Area

St Paul’s Church

St Paul’s Church is hosting a series of special Christmas Eve services in a number of languages. There will be traditional Mass services along with carol singing throughout the evening.

Full schedule:

5.30pm: Carol singing

6pm: English

7.30pm: Carol singing

8pm: English

8pm: Syro-Malankara (St. Francis of Assisi)

9.15pm: Carol singing

9.45pm: English

11.15pm: Carol Singing

12am: Christmas High Mass

Christmas Day schedule:

4am: Malayalam

7.30am: English

9am: English

10.30am: Tamil

5.30pm: English

6pm: Konkani  (Assisi Hall)

7pm: Tagalog

8.30pm: Malayalam

Where: 16th Street, Musaffah Indusrial Area


St Mary’s Catholic Church

St Mary’s Catholic Church will hold a series of Christmas Eve Masses in various languages, along with a special service for the elderly and the sick.

Full schedule:

3.30pm: Service for the elderly and sick

5pm: French

7pm: English

9pm: Arabic

11.15pm: Carol singing

12pm: Midnight Solemn High Mass (English)

Christmas Day schedule:

5.30am: English

7am: English

8.30am: English

10am: English

11.30am: Arabic

Where: Oud Metha Road

St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church

The St Franics Catholic Church in Jebel Ali will host a number of services throughout the afternoon and evening on Christmas Eve, in four languages.

Full schedule:

2pm: Korean Christmas Mass

4pm: Carol Singing

4.30pm: English Family Mass

6pm: Syro-Malankara Mass

8pm: Syro-Malabar Mass

10.30pm: Carol Singing

10.45pm: Examination of Conscience and General Absolution

11pm: Christmas Vigil Mass

Where: Jebel Ali, Dubai

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church’s Christmas Eve service will take place at 11pm.

Where: Oud Metha Road/19th Street

Churchgoers say that although they would be happiest in their home nations for Christmas, the UAE offers them freedom to celebrate. Christopher Pike / The National


St Michael’s Church

Sharjah’s biggest church will be hosting Mass services throughout the evening in three languages.

Full schedule:

5.30pm: English

7pm: English

8.15pm: Malayalam

10pm: Arabic

10.15pm: English

11.30pm: Carol singing (English)

11.55pm: English Vigil

Where: Abdullah Bin Anees Street/21st Street

Al Ain

St Mary’s Catholic Church

An evening of Mass in English and Arabic is scheduled at St Mary’s Catholic Church, along with traditional carol singing.

Full schedule:

6pm: Mass (English)

8pm: Mass (Arabic)

11.30pm: Christmas Carols

12am: Vigil Mass

Where: 147th Street

Ras Al Khaimah

St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

St Anthony’s will be holding Christmas Eve Masses in five languages throughout the evening, starting with Arabic at 5pm. The main Mass service will be held in English and will begin at 10.30pm.

Full schedule:

5pm: Arabic

7pm: Malankara

7.30pm: Sinhalese

10.30pm: English (main service)

12am: Malayalam

Where: Ras Al Khaimah