Saudi Arabia lifts ban on travellers from UAE and 10 other countries

Kingdom imposed Covid-19 restriction in February to control infections

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Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior announced that travellers from 11 countries, including the UAE, will be allowed to enter the kingdom from May 30.

The decision lifts a temporary ban imposed on arrivals from the UAE, Germany, the UStates, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Japan.

Travellers from these countries can travel to the kingdom from 1am on May 30, the ministry said. They will have to enter institutional quarantine on arrival.

The countries were among 20 nations from where travel was banned in February to curb the spread of Covid-19. The ban also applied to travellers who transited through any of the 20 countries two weeks before seeking entry into the kingdom.

Travel to Saudi Arabia from Afghanistan, Armenia, Belarus, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and Yemen remains banned.

Saudi Arabia reopened its borders for vaccinated citizens and residents on May 17. Saudi passport authorities have urged all travellers, including Gulf Co-operation Council citizens and new visa holders, to register proof of their vaccination electronically before their arrival by using the Muqeem vaccine registration page.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation has asked all airlines operating flights to Saudi Arabia to register data on vaccinated passengers, including non-Saudis and those travelling from safe countries. Travellers will enter quarantine at their own expense and will be allowed to leave the premises if the result of their PCR test is negative after seven days.

Restrictions and requirements when travelling to and from Saudi Arabia

Restrictions and requirements when travelling to and from Saudi Arabia

The Philippine government on Saturday also lifted a temporary ban on citizens travelling to work in Saudi Arabia, allowing 400 workers to return to the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia suspended all international flights in March last year and began allowing entry to the kingdom only in January.