Oman seals partnership to launch satellite into orbit next year

Three companies will collaborate on the Earth observation project

ca. June 5-14, 1991 --- View from the space shuttle <Columbia> looking northwest over the Gulf of Oman (bottom), the Strait of Hormuz (center) and the Persian Gulf (top). --- Image by © Corbis

Oman plans to launch its first satellite into the Earth’s lower orbit next year, in collaboration with a Polish company.

A spokesman for the project said on Sunday two Omani companies, Etco and Tuatara, have entered into a partnership with Poland’s SatRevolution.

“By co-operating with SatRevolution, a satellite manufacturer and space service company considered to be one of the top providers of satellite imaging services in the world, we have secured a valuable partner with great access to the latest space technology and image analysis which will support the national digitalisation strategy,” said Ammar Al Rawahi, director at Etco.

He said the satellite images could be used to monitor agriculture, renewable energy, oil, mining, weather forecasting, border monitoring and national security, according to Oman News Agency.

Krzysztof Goworek, chief innovation officer at Tuatara said Oman’s new space programme would involve students, to inspire them about the potential of the new technology.

“The launch of Oman’s first satellite will provide opportunities for talented engineering students, university researchers and the founders of new companies, to acquire knowledge, gain hands-on experience and a comparative advantage to accelerate the space industry in the country,” Mr Goworek said.

Updated: November 1st 2021, 12:30 PM