Ministry of Hajj and Umrah launches awareness campaign

The "Hajj Starts With You" campaign includes video tutorials to inform pilgrims of general codes of conduct

A Muslim pilgrim prays at Jabal Al Noor 'mountain of light' in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. AFP
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The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on Tuesday launched a campaign called “Hajj Starts With You" in co-operation with the General Authority for Endowments.

Published in seven languages ​​on its social media platforms, the videos guide pilgrims on the general conduct to be followed during Hajj.

Pilgrims are advised to neatly carry essential items in a bag and wear their ihram (religious clothing) in the correct way to ensure they stay comfortable.

They are asked to remain patient, prevent crowding, stay in the shade as much as possible, stay hydrated and take their medicines on time.

The video contains corrective measures for wrong practices of Hajj, including tips for acceptable etiquette and behaviour at the holy sites.

Pilgrims are advised to pay attention to the instructions and guidelines, which will help facilitate the pilgrim’s journey, ensuring comfort and making the Hajj easy and comfortable for all.

King Salman recently said serving and taking care of pilgrims is the kingdom’s top priority.

Technology is also helping people to overcome language barriers this year.

MOHU launched 13 Hajj awareness guides that were translated into 14 languages featuring crucial health, logistics and religious information and can be easily found on the ministry's website.

Another online service, the Arafat Sermon app, will provide a live translation in 10 languages. Last year's roving translation robots, which provided services in 11 languages, are also in operation.

Saudi Arabia said it will permit up to one million pilgrims from abroad this year and has expanded capacity after two years of limiting the Hajj to domestic pilgrims due to Covid-19.

Updated: July 07, 2022, 6:54 AM