Adnoc Distribution's AI-powered robotic pump attendant turns heads

The device is being tested at Adnoc Distribution's Al Reem Island petrol station

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Just when it seemed robotic machines had reached their peak in terms of customer service, a futuristic scene unfolded with the unveiling of a robotic arm powered by artificial intelligence to pump fuel at an Adnoc station on Reem Island in Abu Dhabi.

Adnoc Distribution showed several innovative and AI-driven types of technology at the petrol station on Wednesday.

The company hopes that such innovation will shape and influence the industry in the years ahead.

The robotic arm uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology and assists in better managing capacity at the petrol station, as well as traffic flow.

However, this does not imply that petrol station attendants will soon be out of work. Instead, the company says the robot will assist in streamlining and organising tasks, enabling them to focus on other responsibilities.

“Adnoc Distribution’s artificial intelligence and digitally enabled innovations deliver seamless customer experiences while supporting and enabling our service station attendants to focus on delivering best-in-class customer service across all other touch points,” Maaz Qureshi, vice president of digital business at Adnoc Distribution told The National.

So, how does the technology work? When a vehicle arrives at the filling station, the driver selects the desired fuel type via a touchscreen interface or the Adnoc Distribution mobile app.

The robotic arm, equipped with a specialised nozzle, then extends towards the vehicle, guided by sensors that help to align the nozzle with the tank opening.

Once correctly positioned, the robotic arm inserts the nozzle and pumps fuel into the vehicle.

Advanced sensors and cameras are used to monitor the process for safety and efficiency, ensuring a smooth operation.

Once completed, the robotic arm retracts the nozzle and then sends a notification to the driver that the refuelling is done.

This innovative system offers speed, convenience and environmental benefits, reducing the risk of spills and eliminating the need for attendants at traditional fuel stations and allowing them to focus on other services.

Click & Collect

In addition to the robotic arm, Adnoc Distribution has also introduced a new retail service called “Click & Collect”.

This service allows customers to buy Oasis convenience store food and beverage products through the mobile app and have their orders delivered to their vehicle upon arrival at selected service stations.

Participating locations in the UAE include the flagship Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road station and Abu Dhabi Corniche Road, with many more to follow shortly.

UAE’s fastest car wash

Adnoc Distribution also unveiled an innovative car wash tunnel capable of servicing 35 to 40 vehicles an hour.

With each wash taking only seven to eight minutes, including drying time, customers will not have to worry about washing their car at the weekend because of traffic.

The news release stated that the tunnel car wash operates sustainably, using 80 per cent recycled water during the process.

The system efficiently moves vehicles through the tunnel using an automatic conveyor belt, and can handle up to four vehicles simultaneously.

Updated: May 09, 2024, 8:01 AM