Payments to DNO help RAK Petroleum trim losses

RAK Petroleum said it narrowed its loss sharply last year, helped by regular payments from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq to its main holding, DNO, which operates the Tawke oilfield there.

The company, which has a listing on the Oslo bourse, owns a stake of just more than 40 per cent in DNO, which is also listed in Oslo, and a one-third stake in Foxtrot International, a privately held company that produces about 75 per cent of the Ivory Coast’s gas needs from offshore gasfields it operates in the Gulf of Guinea.

RAK Petroleum’s net loss last year was US$6.9 million, down from a loss the previous year of $75.5m, with better financial results from DNO (which had a $6.1m operating profit versus a $174m loss the year before) bolstered by steady income from its much smaller holding in the Foxtrot asset.

DNO has suffered together with other operators in Iraq’s Kurdish region from a lack of payment by the KRG, which has been faced with severe financial strain because of its continuing battle with militants in the west, as well as unresolved disputes with the central government in Baghdad.

However, DNO received 10 payments last year from the KRG, which have helped eat in to the $1 billion of arrears that had built up by the end of 2015. DNO revenues were up 8 per cent last year at $202m, despite lower production and average oil prices.

RAK Petroleum’s annual report said the KRG payments to DNO have continued into this year and DNO is resuming investment with the drilling of four new wells, which it expects will reverse a 22 per cent decline in production from Tawke last year, to 112,600 barrels of oil equivalent per day on average in 2016.

Foxtrot International’s profit increased to $52m last year from $30m in 2015, with RAK Petroleum’s share doubled to $16m.

The company said that it reinvested about half its profit from Foxtrot last year to meet development obligations but that the profit from this asset might be available in future for investment in other projects, to pay down debt or for dividends.

RAK Petroleum’s thinly traded shares in Oslo closed down 1.2 per cent at 7.65 Norwegian krone on Thursday.

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Green ambitions
  • Trees: 1,500 to be planted, replacing 300 felled ones, with veteran oaks protected
  • Lake: Brown's centrepiece to be cleaned of silt that makes it as shallow as 2.5cm
  • Biodiversity: Bat cave to be added and habitats designed for kingfishers and little grebes
  • Flood risk: Longer grass, deeper lake, restored ponds and absorbent paths all meant to siphon off water 

Developer: SCE Studio Cambridge
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Console: PlayStation, PlayStation 4 and 5
Rating: 3.5/5

Key findings
  • Over a period of seven years, a team of scientists analysed dietary data from 50,000 North American adults.
  • Eating one or two meals a day was associated with a relative decrease in BMI, compared with three meals. Snacks count as a meal. Likewise, participants who ate more than three meals a day experienced an increase in BMI: the more meals a day, the greater the increase.
  • People who ate breakfast experienced a relative decrease in their BMI compared with “breakfast-skippers”.
  • Those who turned the eating day on its head to make breakfast the biggest meal of the day, did even better.
  • But scrapping dinner altogether gave the best results. The study found that the BMI of subjects who had a long overnight fast (of 18 hours or more) decreased when compared even with those who had a medium overnight fast, of between 12 and 17 hours.

Know your camel milk:
Flavour: Similar to goat’s milk, although less pungent. Vaguely sweet with a subtle, salty aftertaste.
Texture: Smooth and creamy, with a slightly thinner consistency than cow’s milk.
Use it: In your morning coffee, to add flavour to homemade ice cream and milk-heavy desserts, smoothies, spiced camel-milk hot chocolate.
Goes well with: chocolate and caramel, saffron, cardamom and cloves. Also works well with honey and dates.