Dubizzle Cars promises the UAE’s easiest route to buying and selling vehicles

Initiative has enabled the UAE household brand to revolutionise and elevate the motoring transaction experience in the Emirates

Dubizzle's VAS has added a 360-degree experience for buying and selling vehicles, and related services. Photo: Supplied

The experience of purchasing or saying farewell to a car has taken a smart new route courtesy of dubizzle Cars.

With its new Value Added Services (VAS) offering, the popular platform has introduced a 360-degree experience for buying and selling vehicles, and related services.

The innovative dubizzle Cars initiative has enabled the household brand to revolutionise and elevate the motoring transaction experience in the UAE by making the process seamless and stress-free.

dubizzle says its vision is to create “a transparent and secure marketplace for automotive transactions”. One that is backed by a dedicated team committed to empowering individuals to purchase and sell cars with confidence “ensuring fair prices and peace of mind throughout” the process.

And, in a crowded and dynamic motors market, that could prove valuable both to your time and your wallet - whether you are buying your first runabout or looking to upgrade your wheels.

With more than 1,500 fully inspected cars available for purchase on the platform - including SUVs, sedans, pickup trucks and coupes - dubizzle already provides customers with a comprehensive range of services, covering every aspect of the vehicle buying and selling journey.

Taking that experience up a notch, dubizzle Car’s tailored VAS brings financing and insurance assistance into the process alongside thorough inspection reports to ensure you are securing the safest deal.

Add in loan assistance, buyer concierge services and evaluation certificates and dubizzle Cars curates a consummate motor retailing route that blends transparency with ease.

Whether you’re seeking or selling a sensible SUV, a dune-denting buggy, a working truck or a sporty highway dazzler, dubizzle says it believes in a world where buying and selling cars is smooth, transparent, and safe.

Its mission is to take out the risk and put in more value for car buyers so they can enjoy all of the benefits and ditch all the drama…while securing the right price.

You can learn more about dubizzle Cars’ unique and thorough experience - and how you can take care of all of your car-specific nuisances with their Value added services by clicking here:

Alternatively, here are more of the details that you need to know about the “easiest way to buy and sell cars in the UAE” from dubizzle:

● Sell your vehicle hassle-free

It has never been easier. Choose from two options:

  1. Book an appointment for a 60-minute inspection and a competitive offer.
  2. Let dubizzle manage calls, test drives, and appointments while you go about your daily routine.

● Motoring finance made easy

Finance your dream car for up to 60 months - including 2013 models or newer. Get green loans for all-electric vehicles with lower interest rates and faster processing times. The dubizzle cars team can also help you deal with an outstanding car loan when selling your car.

● Vehicle inspection services

When buying a pre-owned car, securing a second opinion is essential. So dubizzle Cars offers inspections at two Dubai locations - The Hub and The Yard - with experts providing meticulous 120- and 240-point checks. Mobile inspections are also available anywhere in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, for your convenience.

● Car insurance

Get competitive quotes from dubizzle’s select partners for fully comprehensive or third-party coverage for all cars registered in the UAE.

● Extended warranty

dubizzle Cars stands behind the quality and reliability of its vehicles. To give you added peace of mind, all of the cars in its inventory - manufactured in 2013 or later - come with a 12-month extended warranty.

It also offers the option to extend your warranty to 24 months, so you can enjoy even more protection and confidence on the road.

● Service contracts

dubizzle Cars also promises a worry-free driving experience with the Light Service service package when you purchase a retail car from the platform. It also offers affordable additional service contracts for advanced coverage, so you can choose from various options which are as simple as basic maintenance to comprehensive repairs.

● Bank Evaluation Certificate

If you are planning to purchase a vehicle through bank financing, you will need one of these. dubizzle Cars can assist you in obtaining a bank evaluation certificate for any car you are interested in.

These certificates are accepted by top banks, such as ENBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, HSBC and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, throughout the UAE.

And finally

All of dubizzle’s Value Added Services are available for cars bought or sold outside of dubizzle Cars.

To book an appointment and know more about these VAS services you can call on 800 dubizzle, send an email to vas@dubizzle.com, or visit the website vas.dubizzle.com

Updated: October 17, 2023, 7:07 AM