Bayut launches world's first AI-powered property search assistant for simpler searches

BayutGPT follows the portal’s previous industry-defining products such as TruCheck and Search 2.0

Haider Khan, head of Dubizzle Group Mena

Pioneering property portal Bayut has further revolutionised the hunt for a new home or real estate investment by leveraging the latest artificial intelligence technology.

It has unveiled BayutGPT - the world's first AI-powered property search assistant - to help make the inconvenience of drop-down menus a thing of the past.

As home-seekers crave more convenience, this new feature is designed with one primary goal, which is to assist property searches on Bayut in a ‘conversational manner’, while offering data-enriched recommendations.

BayutGPT empowers property seekers, be they online searching for an apartment, a villa or something in between, with a revolutionary tool that simplifies the vibrant, extensive and sometimes complex UAE real estate market.

Recent years have seen Bayut pioneer industry-leading innovations in the Prop-Tech domain via multiple solutions that are tailored to meet the evolving needs of the market.

BayutGPT follows the portal’s previous industry-defining products such as TruCheck and Search 2.0.

At a time when the UAE’s property purchasing, sales and rental market is booming - and AI is the talk of the modern world - Bayut developers have married the two and sought to further seamlessly integrate their intuitive technology into the property search experience.

BayutGPT is described as the region’s first cutting-edge AI-powered property search assistant and further refines the portal’s already advanced property search experience for a diverse user base.

Haider Khan, head of Dubizzle Group Mena, welcomes the introduction of the tech as a logical milestone.

“BayutGPT is a product of our innate understanding of the future needs of our users and offers a unique, simplified experience, in a conversational manner, powered by AI to address consumer needs and promote one of the most active industries in the region.

“While this is an important step for the region’s real estate industry and global PropTech firms, it is certainly not going to be our last.”

He continues: “We will continue to invest in this emerging technology and build its capabilities to match the changing needs of our audience, staying at par with the vision of our remarkable leaders.”

The company says that by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, it has again taken an important step towards maintaining its competitive edge in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

And at a time when the portal carries more than 130,000 listings, the enhancement could prove invaluable.

BayutGPT is here to help curate your property search journey and answer your questions, whether you are a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or simply exploring the market to identify and locate the places to rent or buy in the future.

Users can ask questions to discover more about the average rental yields in different communities, find the current popular locations in Dubai, the availability of bedroom types in specific locations, and even request personalised property recommendations based on user preferences.

Essentially, BayutGPT not only enables Bayut - which is part of Dubizzle Group - to connect buyers, sellers and tenants. It also offers a more interactive and personalised journey for those navigating one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets - and with a lot more ease of delivery.

Mr Khan adds: “As a unicorn, the Dubizzle Group has scaled our businesses by focussing completely on the evolving needs of our consumers.

“By keeping a close eye on the changing needs of our users, particularly property seekers who often struggle to navigate the complicated landscape of the UAE market, we have been successful at proactively building solutions before our users even realise they need them."

Updated: September 28, 2023, 7:51 AM