Innovative new verified initiative on dubizzle is designed to enable safer selling

Being ‘Verified’ on dubizzle comes with more than just a badge

Users will earn a prestigious ‘blue tick’ to showcase the credibility of their account

As the UAE’s premier classifieds platform, dubizzle has been part of millions of lives for many years. Now, the online marketplace is helping to defeat any scammers or fraudsters looking to cheat the public with its smart new ‘Verified on dubizzle’ initiative.

For years the company has enabled people across the country to conveniently buy or sell anything from cars and phones to homes and furniture in a secure environment.

And dubizzle has always strived to foster trust among its users, not least at a time when scammers are becoming increasingly cunning and prevalent in the region.

The platform has taken that trust element “to a whole new level” with its ‘Verified on dubizzle’ process - it is designed to ensure a safer and more secure platform and experience for all users.

All it takes is a little time and attention to benefit from this added layer of protection and online confidence.

Users simply earn a prestigious ‘blue tick’ to showcase the credibility of their account, meaning other dubizzle visitors know they are genuine and can be trusted.

Being ‘Verified’ on dubizzle comes with more than just a badge and actually leads to exclusive benefits - and can boost your chance of a successful sale.

In fact, one of the chief advantages is the boosted visibility these adverts will enjoy - Verified users receive top placement, meaning increased engagement.

Possessing the blue tick means greater credibility as it singles out the user as having a Verified account, which ensures confident dealings.

And should there be any issues, Verified users receive priority assistance from the dubizzle customer support team, making sure those adverts are working.

Sahar Khan, Marketing and Communication Director at dubizzle, says: “Nurturing a secure and trustworthy online marketplace has always been one of our top priorities at dubizzle.

“With the launch of Verified, we took a proactive approach to create a safer environment for our users.”

So, how to get Verified on dubizzle - it takes a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your dubizzle account via the official website or mobile app (Android | iOS). Find the ‘Get Verified’ pop-up. Or click on this link
  2. Request a one-time password (OTP) by entering your contact number. Enter the OTP to proceed with the verification process. Keep your OTP private for account security.
  3. Upload the required documents, including the front and reverse of your Emirates ID, ID number, expiry date, and date of birth.
  4. Record a five-second selfie video, ensuring your face fits within the oval aperture on the screen.
  5. Complete the process by uploading your profile picture.

Verification progress can be checked in the ‘Profile’ section - a ‘Verification is Under Review’ badge will appear during the verification review process. This will be replaced by the coveted blue tick once that is complete.

To ensure a smooth verification process, dubizzle advises users to shoot their video against a plain, well-lit background and to keep their hand steady, or use a camera stand to avoid blurry videos.

Top tips also include positioning the face within the frame on the screen and scanning the Emirates ID card clearly, ensuring the entire card is visible.

dubizzle suggests users boost their credibility and visibility by adding a profile photo to their account.

Thousands of ‘dubizzlers’ have already signed up and secured their blue tick and are connecting with potential buyers looking to trade with confidence with reliable and credible sellers.

The ‘Verified on dubizzle’ initiative reinforces trust between the platform and its growing army of users by eliminating the risks of scams with the message “trust and be trusted”.

Ms Khan adds: “Our commitment to safeguarding our community and providing them with the utmost confidence while buying and selling has always been at the top of our mind, and we will continue to innovate and lead the charge in ensuring a scam-free marketplace, empowering our users to transact with peace.”

With so many internet and phone scammers out there, all seemingly becoming more sophisticated in their methods, dubizzle’s new security process will be viewed as a welcome step.

And with competition to sell items on the platform, having the blue tick lift ads to the top of the search results is a huge bonus for users looking to move their items on sooner.

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Updated: August 25, 2023, 9:10 AM