Fashion takes no time off

Being stylish is a 24-hour commitment for TV personality and lifestyle blogger Nina Zandnia.

Nina Zandnia recently launched her second collection, Zand Dynasty. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National
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Nina Zandnia is a TV personality, style influencer, and the author of Lifestyle-Dubai — a blog with more than 400,000 followers. The 34-year-old Swede of Iranian descent has lived in Australia and New York, and for the past six years in Dubai. She ventured into fashion in 2013 and launched her first capsule collection, Nina Z, alongside Essa — a renowned UAE-based couturier. Ms Zandnia recently launched her second collection, Zand Dynasty.


I consider myself a morning person and usually wake up early and start my day feeling energetic. I take my dog Rocco for a walk on the beach near my Palm Jumeirah apartment and get a coffee. Then I’m ready to start my day.


I have a shower and then walk into my wardrobe and select my outfit for the day. I even like to prepare my evening outfits during the day, as events in Dubai run on an ongoing basis and I do not want to leave this until the last minute. My days always vary — some days I am in the TV studio recording, others I am in the workshop working on my fashion label and designing clothes, and others I have back-to-back meetings. I can also have photo shoots to attend, as I am an ambassador of various brands including Lulu Guinness.


I leave my house and head to the workshop. As my second clothing collection came out in January, I spent a lot of time working on designing the fashion line, choosing the perfect fabrics for each piece and finding inspiration to come up with the perfect collection. I like to think my fashion direction will help women achieve their goal of looking their best during the day and night.


I usually take my lunch break, but it’s not exactly a break as I use this time to make business calls through Skype or telephone conferences with America or Scandinavia, as I do a lot of media work with those two regions.


If I am not filming, I have meetings with clients, which makes my job very interesting as I meet people from different backgrounds on a daily basis. I am focusing the majority of my day on a documentary about the Civil War in Syria. As part of the documentary’s release, we are working on a big event for the screening of it, therefore this time is dedicated to meetings with sponsors, PR companies and other parties involved in promoting the film to the public.


This is when I sit and dedicate my time to my social pages, updating my blog and trying to answer as many messages as possible. I’m very grateful that so many people come to me for fashion and beauty advice, so I try and spend as much time as possible on my responses.


I’m back home and like to walk my dog and watch the sunset. I then visit my stylist, Hashem at Tony & Lee, to fix up my hair and make-up, as living in Dubai means that there is invariably either a red carpet event or a VIP dinner party to attend.


If I’m not attending an event, I like to have dinner at La Petite Maison or Zuma with a few of my closest friends. These two restaurants are my absolute favourite places in Dubai, with the best food, service and staff who always make me feel at home.


I often go back to the workshop for a few hours to work a little more on my fashion collection. Despite the fact it’s a little late in the day, I like to finish any small tasks that are outstanding and get them out of the way. Zand Dynasty is the second fashion collection I am working on, which is a tribute to my family members that have influenced my personal style, namely my eternally chic mother and grandmother.


I am back home ready to end my day. Before bed I like to Skype with my family and friends in Europe and America. After that I am ready for sleep.

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