Brazil should have played better

A reder expresses disappointment with Brazil's performance against Chile. Other topics: zakat, online photos, job, Filipinos

A reader expresses dismay over Brazil’s lacklustre performance against Chile on Saturday. Ian Walton / Getty Images
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While I am thrilled that Brazil has reached the quarter-finals by defeating Chile on Saturday, the fact is that Brazil barely scraped through to victory with a marginal one-goal lead in the penalty shoot-out (Luiz Felipe Scolari warns Brazil they 'might not be so lucky' next time after Chile win, June 29).

Having lived in Brazil for some years, I strongly support its team. Nevertheless, it lacked strategy. Throughout the game, Brazil was on the defensive. Chile was very aggressive and frequently had Brazil on the run.

The star striker Neymar was often left stranded without adequate support while trying to score a goal. A few times when he came under pressure from the Chilean defenders, he found nobody to pass the ball to. The Brazilians are relying on the brilliance of some team members like Neymar to steer them to victory. This is not enough.

Given the performance against Chile, Brazil will neither land in the finals, nor will it win the World Cup.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

When is the right time to give zakat?

Thank you Asmaa Al Hameli and Rym Ghazal for explaining some of the history and customs behind Ramadan, which is the most important time for Muslims worldwide (This holy month, June 26).

I just have one comment: you said zakat can be given at any time of the year, but many Muslims prefer to giveit in the month of Ramadan. This is not correct. Zakat has to be given before Eid, that’s the last day of Ramadan.

Lately, I have noticed a lot of wrong information about Islam being aired on different news channels. I hope that you can get your information from the right sources.

One such source is the UAE Fatwa centre. However, it’s a nice article and I wish everyone a happy Ramadan.

Baz Baz, Abu Dhabi

The story of Islam and everything connected to it is really beautiful. But I have a question: how are Muslims going to observe Ramadan while so many of their fellowmen / women are suffering and killing each other in Syria and Iraq?

Having said that, I wish all Muslims a happy Ramadan. May a lot of good come from this time of contemplation.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Be careful while uploading photos

I am commenting on the article Man charged in UAE over posting video of sleeping family (June 26). A few months back, there was a lot of coverage about the law concerning the invasion of privacy.

A breach of this law could result in a fine of up to Dh100,000 and five years in prison.

You must have permission to post people’s pictures on social media. Please be careful.

Karen Saxonburg Gainesville, Dubai

Grab opportunity that comes to you

I left a very good job at home and found an even better job in Dubai (On the air in Dubai and glad to share, June 28).

When opportunity comes knocking, don’t just open the door, but open the door and embrace it.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Lying to get job is cause for concern

This refers to your article on UAE Filipino career fair draws plenty of candidates, but many are unprepared (June 27). The story quotes Jessie Quintilla, the president of the Filipino Human Resources Practitioners' Association, saying: "A few of the applicants wrote that they had experience at a well-known fast-food chain in the Philippines, but later were forced to admit after being confronted that they needed to lie so they would easily get hired." This is a bit worrying.

I feel sad for the applicants, but worry about the consequences of hiring people who pretend they are qualified.

Jen Bishop, Abu Dhabi

It’s true that they and the local agents sometimes do not tell the truth. I know a couple of people who got maids with medical issues that were not mentioned in the CV.

They just waited for the employer to finish medical insurance before reality came calling. They were lucky that those employers were generous enough to return them to the agent. I am sure they were sent to someone else.

Aziza Al Busaidy, Dubai