On #trend: Why Twitter users are reporting news 'like the BBC’ and what is the Junebug Challenge?

We're here to break down the trends you need to know about on social media and online

The Internet is home to plenty of trends, challenges and hashtags, which can make staying on top of the ones that matter pretty tricky. Unsplash
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The internet is big, really big, which can make navigating it a little tricky, especially when you want to strip away all the noise and get to the really important stuff.

You know, things like what TikTok challenge you should be participating in, or the newest meme you need to post in the group chat.

Luckily, we're here to delve into the farthest corners of the world wide web to report on all the latest trends, challenges and hashtags, breaking them down so you can stay up to date and never be flummoxed by a buzzword ever again.

Staying on top of the blink-and-you'll-miss-them trends online can be tricky. Instagram

Trend: ‘Report major news like the BBC’

What's Twitter up to this week? The social media platform has been busy downplaying major global events.

Downplaying? Why's that? It started when BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg referred to the storming of the US Capitol building in Washington as a "scuffle".

Bit more than a scuffle, no? "Domestic terrorism", according to The Washington Post. Anyway, her woeful understatement led UK Twitter user @jordanbhx to announce: "New game: report major historical events in the style of Laura Kuenssberg."

Sounds fun!: Twitter certainly thought so, with users weighing in to downplay other major events throughout history, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs ...

The fall of the Berlin Wall ...

And the assassination of former US president Abraham Lincoln in 1865 at Ford's Theatre in Washington.

Follow the thread here.

Challenge: #Junebugchallenge

Another day, another TikTok dance. This time, ladies and gents, it's the "Junebug Challenge?".

Is this why my teenager is flailing around in the kitchen in front of their phone? Yep.

What's this one about, then? Moving your entire upper body constantly in the manner of having ants in your pants or needing the bathroom really badly.

Only upper body? Thank goodness for that, because the #BussItChallenge was murder on my knees: Named after the challenge's creator, Junebug, another goal of the #Junebugchallenge is to jiggle about in the strangest place you can.

Strangest place? Like Florida? No, strange like on a rooftop, or hanging out your car window, that sort of thing.

What are we dancing to? Beatbox by US rapper SpotemGottem.

Any celeb fans? Just some basketball player, LeBron something.


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