Mawazine 2016: Iggy Azalea says she has no beef with Beyonce

Australian singer Iggy Azalea performs at the Mawazine  Music Festival in Rabat, Morocco. Youssef Boudlal / Reuters
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When speaking to the press at the Mawazine Festival on May 21, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea covered a variety of topics.

The hottest subject was whether her April tweet, slamming the use of of the name “Becky” as a generic term to describe a white female, was aimed at Beyonce.

Taken from her latest acclaimed album Lemonade, the caustic track found Bey confronting an unfaithful spouse and has the lyric now turned catch-phrase “call Becky with the good hair.”

Azalea states her tweets were aimed at the general use of the term and not directed towards Beyonce.

“As far as Beyonce’s song I don’t know what she was referencing. I have never spoken about Beyonce’s song or her lyric ‘Beckie’,” she says.

“I only spoken about other people that call white people Beckie and if that is related to her song then that that is something you have to ask Beyonce and what her intention was and whats he was implying with that lyric.”

Other topics Azalea addressed included:

Changing her name from Amethyst Amelia Kelly to Iggy Azalea

“I had a dog when I was a baby. He passed away now. He was my favourite pet that I would take everywhere. I used to have a nameplate necklace that I would wear named Iggy and people thought a lot of the time when I met them that it was my own name. That was kind of how it started that I got the nick name.”

On the competitiveness of the music industry

“In terms of the arena and its competitiveness I think any style of music that you make is fierce and competitive. Hip hop is just less apologetic about that. Pop-stars are just as fierce as the rappers. They just have a sweeter outer layer. If you want to be a rapper or singer it will be competitive no matter what.”

Shopping in Morocco

“I brought like 10 rugs. I really love interior design. I am very lucky that I have a big house and I have a lot of different rooms that I can go crazy with. I am have been seeing a lot of different craftsmen, vases and pottery and go buy somethings from my home.”

The Mawazine Festival continues until May 28. Visit for more details