Mawazine 2015: Akon on Islam and music

Akon during Morocco’s Mawazine Festival. Courtesy Jacob ZawaQ
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Senegalese rapper Akon, who is a practising Muslim, talked extensively about his faith ahead of his performance at Morocco’s Mawazine Festival on Wednesday, June 3:

“I was born a Muslim and depending on what part of Senegal you came from, music was considered haram [unlawful] and there has always been a debate about Islam and music. I never looked at the performing aspect of the music itself but on the intention. Even if you look at the daily prayers in Islam we pray in melody, when we hear the call to prayer in any part of the world it is also done with melody, so no one can tell me that music is haram. Now this is my personal point of view and I am not speaking for anyone else,” he said.

“Now I am not in a position to judge any man and I don’t expect them to judge me as well, but no matter what decision you decide to make just do right by it. Because, at the end of the day, Allah is watching and he knows what is in your heart.”

The Mawazine Festival runs until Saturday, June 6.