Fashion notes: Layer and stack jewellery

I have noticed that when it comes to jewellery, there are generally two types of women.

A guest is seen in the streets of Paris after the Chloe show on March 2, 2017 in Paris, France. Photo by Timur Emek / Getty Images
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I have noticed that when it comes to jewellery, there are generally two types of women.

The first remains loyal to her favourite wristwatch, be it a big-name brand or high-street find, and if her ears are pierced, she will alternate between two or three different stud designs. She may, at times, fasten a delicate chain around her neck; one that holds sentimental value such as an anniversary gift from Tiffany or heirloom from a grandmother.

The other type of woman lives to accessorise. One necklace is never enough – she will wear three or four, along with a handful of stacked rings and cocktail of bracelets. Hers is an eclectic mix of jewellery – always layered, always different. Jewellery, to her, is as vital as clothing, and she doesn’t feel quite herself without it.

I have always been somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, but towards the safer, more minimalist side. That being said, my jewellery box is bursting at the seams, filled with a ton of pieces that I hardly wear. So my summer style resolution is to start wearing more jewellery – layering, stacking and just piling it all on.

It helps that current fashion trends give us a great base for jewellery – off-shoulder tops, crisp boyfriend-style shirts, pinstripes and layered camisoles over T-shirts are great starting points, and can really complement a trio of chains or dangly earrings.

So what’s an ideal pairing of pieces, you may ask?

This weekend, I will be accessorising my basic blouse-and-jeans outfit with a gold choker, layered with two pendants at staggered lengths, plus kitschy, mismatched earrings, four or five rings and a mixture of colourful friendship bracelets, a bangle and a charm bracelet, in addition to my usual clunky watch. And if all goes well, this will become my summer style norm.