Case study: a Tinder romance

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They were a match on Tinder, they used the app’s messenger service to get to know one another, they arranged to meet, and a little more than 10 months later, they got engaged.

This year, Diana Sauer, a 34-year-old claims injury specialist who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, will be marrying 32-year-old Cody Daughtry, a construction project manager; the couple have already set their wedding date for May 9.

Here, Cody and Diana share their story:

Diana: “I really didn’t have any expectations about meeting anyone. I guess it was mostly curiosity that led me to check the app out. I immediately got several matches and several conversations from different guys from around the area but there was just something about Cody. His pictures attracted me physically, but what drew me in the most was his simple and sweet approach in starting up a conversation. We messaged for a couple of weeks until he finally asked me for my phone number. By the time we spoke, it was as if I had known him for a long time and I had no problem saying yes to a dinner date for the next night.

“We went out to dinner and my impressions from the Tinder conversations were real. He was an extremely sweet guy, very shy in a super cute way, and most importantly, a true gentleman. The relationship progressed from there, we fell in love fairly quickly and knew we were meant for each other.”

Cody: “I didn’t get on Tinder with aspirations of hooking up or even meeting people, for that matter. I had no expectations. I got a few matches and messaged with a few people but there was no real chemistry and no real interest. I matched with Diana and started using the Tinder messenger. The conversation between us came naturally and easily and never really felt forced or awkward. After a week, maybe two, she messaged me her number and it progressed. We spoke for the first time on the phone on a Thursday night, met the following night and have never been very far from each other every since. I knew I liked her instantly, I knew I loved her shortly after that and in no time, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.”