Akshay Kumar on starring alongside a dog in his new film Entertainment

We talk to the actor about his new comedy, in which he plays a man who loses his inheritance to a dog and will do anything to get it back.

Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah Bhatia in Entertainment. Courtesy B4U
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Akshay Kumar's new film Entertainment sees him co-star with a Labrador. The actor is known for his comic timing and the film is being marketed as a fun outing for the entire family. Kumar tells us about his co-stars (both canine and human) and why we absolutely need to watch this slapstick ­comedy.
Why did you agree to do a film where a dog is the hero and you're playing second fiddle?
You can never predict who your new co-stars will be - two-legged or four. It's fantastic to be given the opportunity to transition from character to character and to be able to mix it up. Entertainment [the dog] was definitely one of my favourite co-stars. Honestly, he was the superstar on the set, I was the actor.
How difficult was it to shoot with a canine co-star?
I think every dog lover would agree with me that there is nothing better than a story about a man and his best friend. I just couldn't resist it. His "attention toy" was a tennis ball, which I carried everywhere with me and he loved it when we played catch. He's a beautiful dog.
Who did you have more fun working with? Junior (Entertainment in the film) or Tamannaah Bhatia?
Tamannaah is a great actress. She's talented, full of energy and a thorough professional. She's got a great attitude and is extremely charming - I'm so glad she has decided to join Bollywood. I loved Junior just as much because he kept me guessing all the time. Even though we went through rehearsals, I never knew how he would react when we were actually shooting.
Why should the audience watch the film?
It's a brilliant comedy starring an amazing dog. It's funny, entertaining and heart-warming. I live to make my audience laugh, so get yourselves to your local cinemas and have a giggle with me.
Entertainment is out in cinemas today