Adventures in motion pixels: the latest curiosities on YouTube

Tim Burton, Rickrolling and Vampire Weekend.

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To prove that the filmmaker Tim Burton has truly become a genre unto himself, a spoof trailer has appeared online for a Burtonised version of the screwball 1989 comedy Weekend at Bernie's. The clip features reenactments of some of the most famous scenes in the original film, in which a pair of losers try to pretend their murdered employer is still alive. What If Tim Burton Had Made Weekend at Bernie's? claims to star Burton's wife and frequent leading lady Helena Bonham Carter and a score by his long-time colleague Danny Elfman. It also features the lookalike of another Burton regular as a ghoulish dandy with a silly hat and circular glasses, playing Bernie - now who might that be?

The daddy of all internet memes almost went extinct last week, as a blunder at YouTube HQ briefly put an end to RickRolling. That's when cunning web pranksters replace an expected piece of content - a link or image perhaps - with a video of the 1980s singer Rick Astley's mega chart hit, Never Gonna Give You Up. When YouTube briefly pulled the clip, which has now been linked to some 30 million times, Twitter and message boards were awash with messages lamenting the death of RickRolling. But Astley was resurrected soon after and a YouTube spokesman revealed that the video was mistakenly suspended, possibly after being wrongly flagged as unacceptable content or spam. Now there's a relief.

The sport of tennis is not usually associated with rock 'n' roll, but the Ivy League indie band Vampire Weekend may be on course to change that with their wacky new clip, which has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube. The video for their new single, Giving Up the Gun, sees a female tennis player taking on a star-studded list of adversaries, including Jake Gyllenhaal and the Jonas Brothers' Joe Jonas. The bizarre clip, which feels part Gap advert and part Clockwork Orange, also features the Wu-Tang Clan heavyweight RZA acting as umpire and an appearance by the rapper Lil Jon. It's possibly the strangest mismatch of celebrities since Jamie Foxx's Blame It video - which also co-starred Gyllenhaal.