What do celebrities watch on TV? The shows and films recommended by Leonardo DiCaprio, Adele and more

If you’re wondering what to watch tonight, take your cues from these stars

Keira Knightley, Leonardo DiCaprio and Adele have all been sharing the shows they've been binge-watching on streaming platforms. Getty Images
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Their day jobs might involve appearing on the big or small screen, but that doesn't mean stars avoid TV shows and films in their downtime.

Like everyone else, celebrities have been whiling away lockdowns catching up on the shows everyone's talking about.

And these stars have their own recommendations about what you should watch next. Right after you've finished Bridgerton, of course ...

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio has been singing the praises of HBO's teen drama 'Euphoria'. Getty Images, HBO

He might be 46, but the Oscar winner proved he's not immune to binge-watching a hit teen drama, telling Variety in July: "I just saw Euphoria, which is amazing. That show is amazing."

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Keira Knightley

'Killing Eve' is the show Keira Knightley wishes she had starred in herself. Getty Images, IMG

"Sandra Oh is absolutely amazing in Killing Eve, but that psycho killer [Jodie Comer's Villanelle] is the only part that I've ever been really, really jealous that I didn't play, I would really have liked to put my teeth into that," admitted the Oscar-nominated actress to Entertainment Weekly in 2018.

“Jodie was amazing … I totally loved watching that moment when she turns around in the club and she kills [the guy] and she’s like a shark coming through that club. I just loved that so much. That image is totally stuck in my head now.”

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Sian Clifford

'Fleabag' star Sian Clifford's streamer recommendation is family inheritance drama 'Succession'. Getty Images, Warner Bros Television

We’d expect Fleabag’s sister to put forward her own show as a lockdown must, but British actress Sian Clifford also has some other recommendations.

"I would recommend that they binge Fleabag seasons 1 and 2 and also Succession – my other great love. Or Atlanta," she said on the red carpet at the Sky's Up Next event last year. "They're my three favourite shows ever. People who have never watched Atlanta need to watch that. It's incredible. I finally watched Chernobyl which is absolutely blinding."

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Nicholas Hoult

British actor Nicholas Hoult's binge-watch recommendation is the award-winning comedy 'Schitt's Creek'. Getty Images, Lionsgate Television

The X-Men actor has recommendations for both kids and adults. "I have a 2-year-old boy so we watch a lot of Mickey and the Roadster Racers and Thomas the Tank Engine and things like that," the 31-year-old The Great star told Variety. "But a show that we've gotten into is Schitt's Creek – we got recommended that – and that I'm enjoying because it's fun and easy and good watching at the moment."

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Ellie Kemper

'The Office' actress Ellie Kemper is currently in the middle of a re-watch of the award-winning 'Mad Men'. Getty Images, AMC

The Office actress has moved to the flipside of the binge-watch – the re-watch – with an award-winning show her main recommendation.

"I'm going to go back and watch all of Mad Men, it's just such a good show," she told the Today show last year. "I watched it start to finish when my first baby James was born, and that is a show I'm going to go back and watch."

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Beanie Feldstein

Actress Beanie Feldstein recommends the Jason Bateman comedy-drama 'Ozark' for your next binge watch. Getty Images, Courtesy Netflix

The Booksmart actress and sister of actor Jonah Hill has got stuck into the Jason Bateman and Laura Linney drama, Ozark. "We're on season 3. It's so good," the 27-year-old told Variety. "It's so much darker than anything I usually watch, and the acting and the writing and the directing is just so brilliant. I'm loving it."

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Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant recommends – but has been left traumatised – by the indie horror 'Midsommar' which stars Florence Pugh. Getty Images, A24

Recently scoring his own binge-worthy hit with psychological drama The Undoing, the British actor shared his own recommendation.

"The film I really can't get over, and I'm emotionally scarred for life, is Midsommar," he told Jimmy Fallon of the horror starring Florence Pugh. "I thought, 'Oh, [my wife] Anna will enjoy this one, it's Swedish. It looked like people frolicking around in the sunshine. That'll be nice.' Both of us can't get over it! We can't sleep, our children have to comfort us at night because we have so many nightmares. You have to see it, it's unforgettable."

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Brooklynn Prince

'The Florida Project' star Brooklynn Prince is a huge 'Nailed It!' fan. Getty Images, Netflix

Like many others, the precocious young star of indie flick The Florida Project has discovered one of Netflix's most popular shows.

"First up, Nailed It!. Nicole [Byer] is the best," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I love it when someone hits the panic button and she does something crazy! Maybe when all this is over they can call me to be a guest judge?"

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James Corden

Talk show host James Corden said 'Normal People' changed his life. Getty Images, BBC Studios

The British talk show host has been banging the drum for Normal People, the adaptation of Sally Rooney's bestselling book. "Underplaying the impact of Normal People has had on me for just a moment," he wrote on Twitter last year. "I honestly think it may have changed my life. It's the best show I've watched in so long. Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal are extraordinary. It's all extraordinary."

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Adele took to Instagram to gush about the acclaimed British show 'I May Destroy You'. Getty Images, Warner Bros Television

Like so many others who've caught up with the British comedy-drama, Adele has fallen under the spell of I May Destroy You. "It's the best thing I've seen on British TV for yeaaaarssss!" she wrote on Instagram. "It's wholesome, uncomfortable, hilarious but terribly sad and then awkward ... And then it makes you cough a bit for no reason and also makes you go put the kettle on, for no reason. I've never felt so many emotions at once! Absolutely fantastic."

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