'The Year Earth Changed': documentary narrated by David Attenborough coming to Apple TV+

The one-hour documentary will focus on uplifting stories of how a global lockdown helped nature heal

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Sir David Attenborough's The Year Earth Changed will be available on Apple TV+ from April 16. The uplifting wildlife documentary, narrated by the famous British natural historian, will be released to help mark Earth Day 2021.

Attenborough, 94, said many people rediscovered their appreciation for the natural world as countries locked down to curb the spread of Covid-19.

"During this most difficult year, many people have reappraised the value and beauty of the natural world and taken great comfort from it," he said in a statement released by Apple.

“But the lockdown also created a unique experiment that has thrown light on the impact we have on the natural world. The stories of how wildlife responded have shown that making even small changes to what we do can make a big difference.”

The Year Earth Changed will focus on footage from around the world during a year in which much of the planet was locked down and highlight the uplifting effects that had on nature and wildlife.

From hearing birdsong in deserted cities to watching whales communicate in new ways, the one-hour special will show how the Earth has had a chance to heal during a time when many people have been forced to stay indoors.

Other tales to come include how changes in human behaviour, such as reduced cruise ship traffic and the closing of beaches, have had a profound effect on nature.

In January, Attenborough was vaccinated against Covid-19, although he did not say which shot he received. He had been isolating at his London home throughout the pandemic and previously spoke of his support for the global drive to develop a vaccine against the disease.

"It [Covid-19] has drawn attention to the fact we aren't as omnipotent and all-controlling as we think we are," he told The Telegraph in December.