No, Lebanese singer Elissa is not going to play Beirut in Netflix's 'Money Heist'

The pop star set tongues wagging by saying she was 'ready to be part of the gang' earlier this week

Elissa will not be appearing in season four of 'Money Heist', although we do like the idea of a character named Beirut. Supplied 
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Elissa certainly knows how to use Twitter to get people talking.

Last week, the Lebanese singer tweeted that she was quitting the music business, and then on Monday she sent out a post that led many to believe she was set to play a role in Netflix's smash hit Spanish drama, Money Heist.

Netflix Mena then responded, welcoming her to "the gang":

Even the official Twitter account of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) responded, saying they were glad to have her on their side:

To which Elissa replied:

In the wildly popular heist drama, which is now in its third season, characters are all named after cities, such as Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Denver, Helsinki and Oslo.

So, this exchange, and the fact Elissa dubbed herself Beirut, certainly led to rumours that the 46-year-old singer would be a character in the show, representing the first Mena city nickname, too.

But Netflix have now confirmed to The National that Elissa is not going to be acting in the show, nor are any of her songs currently planned for the soundtrack.

Elissa has in the past tweeted about her love for the show, and the picture in her original tweet seems to show a Money Heist promo pack, the kind of gift that would be sent to media to promote the show.

So, no, Beirut is not about to come to Nairobi's rescue.

What is 'Money Heist'?

The Spanish thriller Money Heist (La Casa De Papel in Spanish) caught a few people by surprise when it became the most-watched non-English-language show in Netflix history following its 2017 debut. It was particularly surprising given the show had already aired as a 15-part series on Spanish terrestrial channel Antena 3 by the time Netflix acquired streaming rights.

The streamer re-edited the show into two seasons of slightly shorter episodes, with the first debuting in late 2017.

The show deals with a mysterious man who is carrying out the biggest bank heist ever, breaking into the Spanish Royal Mint and printing more than €2 billion, complete with his own team of specialists, elite police units and 67 unfortunate hostages.

A timeline of Elissa's career: