Netflix Marvel cull continues with 'Daredevil' cancellation

Netlix Marvel roster now down to just two shows

RESIZED. Marvel's The Defenders: Krysten Ritter, Finn Jones, Charlie Cox, Mike Colter. Sarah Shatz/Netflix
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Streaming giant Netflix has continued its recent cull of Marvel shows with the cancellation of the very first Marvel property it screened, Daredevil, just three seasons into an envisaged five-season deal.

The move follows cancellations in recent weeks for both Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and leaves just Jessica Jones and The Punisher standing from Netflix's Marvel roster.

Netflix has not yet made any official comment on the future of these shows, although Jessica Jones is due to return for a third season in 2019.

The show's cancellation comes as relations between Netflix and Marvel parent Disney appear to grow increasingly tense. Disney, which is preparing to launch its own standalone streaming service, has already said it will be taking all its Marvel movie content back from Netflix as contracts expire to feature exclusively on its own service.

Netflix, meanwhile, already had scripts ready for season three of Luke Cage, but was unable to agree on terms with Disney, leading to the show's eventual cancellation.
For the streamer's part, it is beginning to focus increasingly on its own Originals content, and has recently been buying the rights to popular properties with a view to launching its own TV universes. Recent deals include buying the rights for CS Lewis' much-loved Chronicles of Narnia, comic book rights for Kingsman publisher Millarworld, and the streamer also recently revealed it had signed a huge deal for TV rights to the complete works of Roald Dahl.