Female news anchor makes history on Saudi TV

The step by the state-run TV station Saudia TV has been applauded by other broadcasters

Weam Al Dakheel makes her state-run Saudi TV debut. Photo / SaudiaTV YouTube
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Weam Al Dakheel made history on Thursday night as the first woman to anchor the major nightly 9.30pm news bulletin on Saudi Arabia’s key national channel Saudia TV.

While women have appeared as anchors on other Saudi channels over the years, and Al Dakheel herself has presented shows on Saudia TV already, the step by the state-run Saudia to have her in the main news anchor seat was celebrated, with broadcasters including Moaz Gutub and Jessy El Murr from Sky News Arabia sending out tweets praising the move and Al Dakheel’s professionalism.

Saudia TV is part of the Saudi Broadcasting Authority, which also launched youth-focused Saudi Broadcasting Channel earlier this year.

You can watch Al Dakheel's first night of hosting in full here:


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