Every 'Black Mirror' episode to date ranked from worst to best

From a political foreshadowing of 2011 to the 2019 episode starring Miley Cyrus, we rate every one of Charlie Brooker's shows

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It's been almost eight years since Charlie Brooker first came to our screens with his techno-noir anthology Black Mirror. Often dystopian, occasionally heart warming, and always thought provoking, it's been quite a ride.

With season five landing on Netflix this week, what better time to take stock and look back over almost a decade of the bleak, the broken and the barmy?

Click though the gallery above to count down from 23 to one and vote in our poll below for your favourite episode. 

In the process of compiling this list, it's worth noting that Black Mirror truly is a show with a conspicuous lack of genuinely poor episodes, so a low place on our list shouldn't be taken as a criticism in itself – number 23 here would probably still make the top three of most other TV shows. With that in mind, here's our rating of 23 delightful, demented, derailed pieces of TV genius from the last almost-a-decade...



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