'Drama Queen': First official teaser for Abla Fahita's Netflix show has been released

The comedy puppet's drama series is set to be released on Netflix in 2021

Abla Fahita's 'Drama Queen' is available to watch on Netflix in English, Arabic and Hindi. Netflix
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The teaser for Abla Fahita's coming Netflix show Drama Queen has just been released. And it is as hilariously self-absorbed as we'd expect from the comedy puppet.

The teaser starts with a TV trope of a sketchy midnight contraband trade. A man with a briefcase patiently waits under a streetlight in a nondescript street before a shining white limo pulls up in front of him.

Watch the full teaser here:

“Did you bring the stuff?” Fahita asks, lowering the tinted car window.

“Yes, everything you asked for,” the man says.

“Alright, jump in,” Fahita says impatiently.

Once inside, the man brandishes an iPad from his briefcase. It turns out he's not here to sell Fahita anything, but to propose a list of actresses and stars who can potentially play the puppet in the Netflix series, which is set to be released later in 2021.

As the man swipes through pictures of Spanish actress Ursula Corbero, famous for playing Tokyo in Money Heist, Saudi Arabian singer Aseel Omran and Indian actress Radhika Apte, Fahita seems unimpressed.

“Are you here to waste my time? This is not an easy role. It’s filled with emotions and feelings,” she says, closing her eyes and waving the rose stitched to her velvet hand.

“I’ll play the role,” she finally says. “I’m the only one who can play myself.”

She then expels the man from the car and orders the driver to head off. Fahita's name then appears on the screen, crediting her as the actress, producer and casting director of Drama Queen.

What is ‘Drama Queen’ about?

After being implicated in a crime, Abla Fahita, the beloved Egyptian satirical puppet character, goes on the run. She is forced to separate from her children, Caro and Boudi, and is shunned by society. The series follows her efforts to clear her name and return to her children.

The show will retain many of the qualities of the original, Abla Fahita Live from the Duplex.

So while we’ll be seeing a new and more serious side to the puppet, there will also be plenty of the jagged humour that has made her such a divisive figure.

The show will feature a number of Egyptian stars, including After The Battle actor Bassem Samra, Coming Forth By Day actress Donia Maher and Judgement Day actor Osama Abdallah.

The series is directed by Scarecrow filmmaker Khaled Marei.