Did 'Game of Thrones' accidentally leave a Starbucks cup in shot?

A study in whether or not a modern prop snuck into shot in 'Game of Thrones' season eight, episode four

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Spoilers free: The latest episode of Game of Thrones, The Last of the Starks, had one very curious and modern prop: a takeaway coffee cup.

Now, I'm not 100 per cent sure, but it seems very unlikely that Jon Snow et al keep warm in Winterfell with a grande latte or two.

Eagle-eyed fan, Zane Hijazi, Tweeted this morning: "My favorite show in the entire world forgot a STARBUCKS COFFEE CUP ON THE TABLE WHILE FILMING".

The outraged YouTuber added a video that seems to corroborate his claim:

I have watched this tiny clip about 50 times, with a group of six Game of Thrones fans eagerly gathered around my computer ("Wait? What are saying about Game of Thrones?" etc.), and we have come to the conclusion that it certainly does look like a takeaway coffee cup. On the branding, however, we cannot commit to one chain. (Sorry, Starbucks.)

We have checked back in the episode, and the cup can in fact be seen around the 15-minute mark.

The most compelling piece of evidence, however, is the fact that the white, lidded cup in question is conspicuously missing from this still from the same scene, but the rest of the set remains exactly in tact:

The Feast of Winterfell, from 'Game of Thrones', season eight, episode four. Courtesy HBO 
The Feast of Winterfell, from 'Game of Thrones', season eight, episode four. Courtesy HBO 

Minor spoilers ahead: The scene in question sees Feast Of Winterfell, a celebratory dinner with Jon Snow and Daenerys, Davos Seaworth and Tormund Giantsbane. Except Daenerys isn't feeling very merry at all, naturally.

Fans have replied to Hijazi's Tweet, all finding it pretty hilarious, with some calling out just how far ad placements will go:

Others saw it as a sign of Starbucks' enduring appeal:

Others mocked up what Dany's cup would look like, had she ordered a grande latte herself (as if Starbucks staff would spell Khaleesi correctly):

Others were just proud of Hijazi for spotting it:


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