5 Netflix shows to look forward to this summer

The new Arabic-language Netflix Original 'Jinn' isn't the only thing on TV this season

Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones season three
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Jinn may be the first Middle Eastern Original to stream on Netflix, but there are plenty of other great shows from all around the world that are coming to the streaming service over the next couple of months. Here are just a few of the top highlights 

Jessica Jones (season three)

June 14

Krysten Ritter returns as the invincible, super-strong private detective in the final series of Netflix's Marvel adaptation. Like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher, the show has fallen victim to Disney's mission to reclaim all of its Marvel properties ahead of the launch of its own Disney+ streaming service later this year. But we've still got one last run of Jessica Jones episodes to enjoy before that happens. The trailer for the final season doesn't give too much away, but we're led to believe the themes of female empowerment that closed out season two will continue. Jones's sister Trish (Rachael Taylor), who killed their mother and let Jessica take the blame at the end of season two, takes a leading role, potentially as her alter-ego Hellcat. The two will be forced to team up to face down a new foe.

Dark (season two)

June 21

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese's German paranormal thriller, which was the first German Netflix Original when it debuted in 2017, has been compared favourably to perennial favourite Stranger Things. Most of the action in season one took place in 2019 in the fictional German town of Winden, which was experiencing a spate of disappearing children. Some of the story does take place in the 1980s and the 1950s, however, thanks to the discovery of a wormhole that allows the characters to time travel in their efforts to solve a mystery spanning three generations of the town's inhabitants. The show has already been commissioned for a third and final season, too.

Stranger Things (season three)

July 4

Stranger Things finally returns for its third season on July 4, and it's safe to assume the all-American release date will probably be the least typical thing about the show. Its producers have revealed that season three will be the most "cinematic" to date and all the main cast are set to return, including Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven, Finn Wolfhard's Mike, Winona Ryder's Joyce and Noah Schnapp's Will. We're also promised a new supernatural threat to the fictional town of Hawkins, as the alternative dimension of The Upside Down was sealed off at the end of season two. A brand-new shopping mall looks set to play a central role, as well as, judging by the first full trailer, a cast of kids who are coming to the end of their childhoods and a creepy-looking new monster.

Money Heist (season two)

July 19

The Spanish thriller Money Heist (La Casa De Papel in Spanish) caught a few people by surprise when it became the most-watched non-English-language show in Netflix history following its 2017 debut. It was particularly surprising given the show had already aired as a 15-part series on Spanish terrestrial channel Antena 3 by the time Netflix acquired streaming rights. The streamer re-edited the show into two seasons of slightly shorter episodes, with the first debuting in late 2017. The show deals with a mysterious man who is carrying out the biggest bank heist ever, breaking into the Spanish Royal Mint and printing more than two billion euros, complete with his own team of specialists, elite police units and 67 unfortunate hostages.

Orange is the New Black (season seven)

July 26

If House of Cards, Netflix's first-ever own show broadcast by the streamer back in 2013, is the granddaddy of the Originals, then Orange is the New Black is surely the grandma. It was only the third Original to screen, and is now its longest-running show after House of Cards ended last year. This seventh season will be the finale for Jenji Kohan's comedy-drama set in a women's prison in America. It is also among Netflix's most-watched own shows to date.


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