5 Arab dramas that tackle extremism

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We take a look at the Arab drama series that have confronted extremism.


Khiyanat Watan (2016)

This hit drama was the first to tackle the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE. Adapted from the novel Ritaj by Emirati author Hamad Al Hammady, it was based on the real-life sedition trial in 2012, in which a secret political organisation was accused of trying to bring down the UAE Government.


Ostaz Wa Ra'ees Kesm (2015)

In this drama, legendary Egyptian actor Adel Emam played a leftist, revolutionary professor at the faculty of agriculture at Cairo University. The series tackled terrorism, torture, attacks against the police and armed forces, and the workings of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


Al Gama'a (2010)

Focusing on the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, this Egyptian drama series delves into the dark history of the group, which is presented as a terrorist organisation, more so in the current second season, which is being broadcast during Ramadan.


Al Hoor Al Ayn (2005)

This series explored the motives of religion-inspired terrorism and the innocents killed by it. The series focuses on Arab families living in a compound in Saudi Arabia that is attacked by Al Qaeda fundamentalists. Though fictional, it was based on the Riyadh Al Qaeda bombing of November 2003 that left 39 dead and more than 150 injured.


Al Tareeq Ela Kabul (2004)

Eight episodes were shown before MBC said the producers had failed to deliver the rest. The show looked at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Taliban rule and the rise of Al Qaeda. It was rumoured the creators had received death threats.