Tamer Hosny to pay the bills of 400 families in Egypt so they can stay at home

Celebrities across Egypt have been called on to financially support families in need. Liverpool star Mo Salah is the next nominated

Tamer Hosny is releasing a new album soon. Getty

Pop star Tamer Hosny is one of a growing number of Egyptian celebrities supporting families who are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic.

With the country’s authorities urging citizens to stay at home as a precaution, high-profile Egyptians have been responding to an online challenge set out by charity organisation Resala.

The challenge aims to help families stay at home despite concerns about making ends meet.

Launched on March 20, the campaign has already been supported by film stars Ahmed El Sakka, Ghada Abdel Razek and Amr Youssef, footballers Mahmoud Trezeguet and Saad Samir, and singer Hosny.

How does the campaign work?

The Tahady Al Kheir, or Good Challenge initiative nominates public figures to make pledges of financial support to a certain number of families, before nominating another celebrity.

After responding to the call out by Youssef, who pledged to support 100 families for a month, Hosny upped the stakes by promising to sponsor 400.

“We all want people to stay home and God will hopefully allow us to overcome this challenge successfully,” he said.

“There will be people who can stay home and those who can't because of their work, and this is why we are doing this campaign to help you.”

Hosny nominated Liverpool footballer Mohamed Salah, steel magnate Ahmed Abou Hashima and action star Ahmed El Sakka.

El Sakka responded first, with a promise to help 70 families.

He then encouraged Abdel Razek, who is soon to star in the Ramadan drama Sultana Moez, to take part.

We are one. I will sponsor 100 families, and take of all their bills

"I accept the challenge by my dear friend Ahmed El Sakka," the actor said.

"I will look after 100 families and may God bless everyone for any kind acts during this difficult period.

"We are strong in faith and belief and as a people we are strong.”

Tunisian actress Hend Sabry also became involved.

“We are all one,” Sabry said. “I will sponsor 100 families and will take care of all their bills.”

In response to a challenge by actor Chico, actress Rania Youssef pledged to aid 50 families but refrained from nominating others.

“For the past two days I have been thinking about this challenge and I was trying to decide if I should do it publicly or privately," Youssef said.

"But considering the challenges that the world and Egypt is going through right now I will do it in public to encourage all my colleagues to take part.

“I won’t challenge anyone by name because I know and understand the situation of my colleagues and the industry we are in. But I challenge all of my peers who can do good to do it now.”

Syrian singer Assala Nasri, who is a long-time resident of Egypt, promised to support 100 families and nominated her daughter Sham.

With music stars Amr Diab and Sherine Abdel Wahab and Liverpool player Salah yet to respond, the Tahady El Kheir movement is likely to pick up more steam over the coming days.

“Staying home is a very good decision," Amr Youssef said in his pledge video. "It is a way to stop corona from spreading.”


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