Yorke teams up with Doom

Thom Yorke's collaboration with the underground rapper MF Doom apparently has a full-length album as its object.

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In word association games, “Thom Yorke” might go together with “Doom” rather well, along with perhaps “Despair”, “Helplessness” and “Ever so slightly melancholic”. Well, the Radiohead frontman is going one step further, and is now actually collaborating fully with Doom. The underground rapper MF Doom, to be exact.

The two are apparently working towards a full-length album, having previously come together to record three tracks. Born in the UK and based in New York, Doom (or Daniel Dumile to his mother), is probably best known as part of the hip-hop group Madvillain.

In an interview with 3D World magazine, he confirmed that he and Yorke were in musical cahoots. "We're working on some duets," he said.

Yorke and Doom have collaborated previously, with Yorke remixing his track Gazzillian Ear in 2009, speeding up the fast-paced rhymes and chucking in some eerie soundscapes and disjointed trip-hop drum loops.

Despite his slightly tired demeanour, Yorke has also announced that he collaborated with Four Tet and Burial on a double A-side single, Ego and Mirrors, adding his own distinctive vocals to a couple of ghostly yet fairly bouncy tracks.

MF Doom, if he’s looking for a commercial boost, might well be pleased to hear that this collaboration sold out before the singles had even been given any radio play. Let’s just not tell him that – in true Yorke fashion – only 300 copies were released.

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