We ask DJ Jazzy Jeff if the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is being rebooted

The US DJ is in Abu Dhabi to perform at The Block Party at The Galleria

DJ Jazzy Jeff posted this photo on him with actor Will Smith on his instagram account. Dec. 31, 2013. "Guess who came to rock with me in Dubai for New Years!!!! Happy 2014."
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When it comes to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the question on every one's lips is will he or won't he?

Rumours of the much loved sitcom returning to the small screen spread occasionally, particularly when pictures emerge of cast members reuniting for Hollywood events.

The most recent high profile catch up was when two of Will Smith's co-stars, Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks) and Tatyana Ali (Ashley Banks) came to the Hollywood premiere of Aladdin along with their children.

And only last week, Smith's on-screen and musical sidekick DJ Jazzy Jeff posted a heart-warming picture of his meet up with Karyn Parsons, who played his love interest Hillary on the show.

With all that genuine affection between cast members, surely it seems only natural that a rebooted Fresh Prince of Bel-Air could be on the works.

Not so fast, says Jeff.

Speaking to The National before tonight's performance at the Block Party at The Galleria, he says the final decision lies on the show's star.

“I don’t know,” he says. “It is funny because Will says no, then he says yes. I mean, listen, if they call, it’s not that I am not going to do it.”

Jeff says he is not surprised, or even annoyed, about the incessant rumours. He says he is immensely proud that the show has managed to resonate with people 23 years after its last episode was screened.

With the show regionally trending on Netflix, Jeff says the streaming giant gave it another lease on life for a new generation of viewers.

“It is just really cool to realise how long the show has been going on and the generations that it kind of covered,” he says.

“So you don’t want to say that it is over because somehow the show always gets back to people’s mind. Like when Netflix put the show back on, it almost became like this almost new thing. It is like catching up with friends, only for a long time.”