Review: Berberian Sound Studio soundtrack

An evocative soundtrack that serves as a fitting epitaph to Trish Keenan, one half of the British experimental duo Broadcast.


Berberian Sound Studio



The British experimental duo Broadcast had already begun work on this movie soundtrack when the co-founder Trish Keenan died in 2011. Her long-time partner, James Cargill, quietly continued the project and the result serves as a fitting epitaph as well as a fascinating album in its own right, even without visual accompaniment.

Released to much acclaim last year, Berberian Sound Studio is a thriller about a sound engineer who becomes all-too immersed in the effects he creates for a mid-1970s Italian horror film, a premise that clearly provided a rich canvas for Cargill.

Over 39 short but varied tracks he compiles an evocative collage, capturing the spirit of taly's giallo movement: weird, occasionally wonderful movies that, despite tiny budgets, were frequently distinguished by inventive scores from the great cinema composer Ennio Morricone.

Broadcast draws from Morricone's psychedelic, organ-fuelled blueprint while also incorporating intriguing snippets of dialogue, sinister effects and tantalising snatches of the band's own brand of catchy sci-fi melody. An uneasy listen when compared to their previous work, this remains a worthy addition to the canon.

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