Our predictions: who will perform at Abu Dhabi's 2013 F1

Who will headline Abu Dhabi's biggest concert of the year? We take a guess.

Flletwood Mac have reformed and are currently on tour. Could they be planning a stop in Abu Dhabi? Brian Killian / Getty Images / AFP
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Who will headline Abu Dhabi's biggest concert of the year? We take a guess.

Fleetwood Mac

The Sunday slot is reserved for an artist or group with a fistful of bona fide hits. The whole point is that even if you don’t like the act, they could at least pull out a few tunes to have you singing along against your better judgement. After Eminem’s solid outing last year, promoters perhaps may want a return to heritage acts and at the moment it doesn’t come bigger than Fleetwood Mac. Back from a three-year break, the Stevie Nicks-led classic group have been conquering arenas across the US followed by a European tour ending on October 26. Perhaps an offer including a plush holiday to rest those weary bones may prove too good to pass up.


Wouldn’t that be something? The UK trio’s bombastic sounds made them the ideal choice to close many of the world’s leading rock festivals. The group would also rally the regional fan base who would have no problem shelling out on a plane ticket to the capital. The rumour has some legs, with the singer Matt Bellamy recently confirming an Australian tour in December and a possible Indonesian show in November. Relatively speaking, the group will be around our neighbourhood at the time.

Roger Waters

Word in the desert has it that the former Pink Floyd singer, who is still flogging his live performance of the legendary album The Wall, was snatched away from what was supposed to be a Dubai gig to the capital. The rumour of a forthcoming tour refused to die down throughout the year and with Waters's tour calendar presently empty from late September to the day of the Abu Dhabi performance (the following day is a relatively short skip to a Berlin show), could it finally be reality or another rumour walled shut?

Bon Jovi

A band designed for the mass singalong. Bon Jovi are back on the road again playing the usual assortment of stadiums and arenas across Europe, South and North America. After finishing the latter tour on October 25, the New Jersey rockers have a free window until the beginning of their Australian run on December 7.


Many still hold Beyoncé’s brilliant performance in 2009 as the best show ever to hit Abu Dhabi. Beyoncé’s latest tour spectacular, titled the Mrs Carter Show, is presently the hottest ticket in town and is on track to break box-office records. The hits, culled from both her solo career and Destiny’s Child days, should guarantee a diverse crowd with the haters at least making do with admiring the lavish stage production. Beyoncé’s present tour calendar extends to September, after which she is free.


Who says you have to be on the road already to come here? As Paul McCartney and Eminem proved, sometimes a big payday and a chance to spend some relaxing time in the sun could do the trick. Like both former headliners, Adele doesn’t have an album to promote but rumours among regional band bookers suggest the normally travel-averse artist is interested in making the journey to the Gulf. If that happens, then expect another mass arrival from fans across the region; something the race organisers would surely welcome.

The Rolling Stones

Yes, we know such predictions resemble the boy who cried wolf. However, you just can’t discard the chance, considering that the legendary group can do what they want, whenever they want. While the extra cash should be handy to top up those pensions, you get the feeling Mick Jagger and co genuinely enjoy playing live in as many places as they can. With the Stones’ last tour show presently set for London’s Hyde Park on July 13, perhaps a chance to sample the glamour of the F1 race would prove agreeable to the lads.


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