Spotify's new Playlist in a Bottle feature allows users to create a musical time capsule

It will give users a harmonious surprise come next January

Spotify's new in-app experience is officially live now and only available until January 31. Photo: Bloomberg
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How much does your musical taste change in one year? What songs or artists capture your mood in this moment? Spotify will have your answers packaged in a fun and interactive way with the launch of its Playlist in a Bottle feature.

The new in-app experience, which is available from Thursday, allows users to create a virtual, musical time capsule that will be sent back to them next January.

The playlist will capture their current musical tastes or musical personality, allowing users to choose songs based on three or more prompted questions that are answered by song titles.

This includes: “A song that reminds you of your favourite person?” or “A song you need to hear live in 2023?”

Spotify then generates a track list based on those answers, and a musical time capsule is created and then stored away until next January, when it will be released back to users.

The aim of the feature is to capture “who you are musically right now” so users can revisit their “2023 musical self” a year later, according to Spotify.

When users first head over to from their mobile device, they will be asked to choose a playlist time capsule container. The options include a jean pocket, gumball machine, bottle, lunch box or a teddy bear.

While users can’t access their musical time capsule for one year, they can share a graphic card on their chosen social media platform that has an image of their container. Users can also see other Spotify users’ graphic cards through the hashtag #PlaylistInABottle.

These time capsules can only be created until January 31 before Spotify closes the feature.

Playlist in a Bottle is available in 27 markets, including the UAE, for both free and premium users across iOS and Android devices.

Updated: January 05, 2023, 6:54 AM