A 'Star Trek' fan added a hijab to her Comic Con cosplay

She dressed as the sci-fi hit's Geordi La Forge for the comic convention

An American fan of Star Trek adapted Geordi La Forge's infamous yellow and black costume, by adding a hijab, for the 2019 Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Blair Imani's look has been applauded by fans, who described it as the "Best cosplay of Geordi, ever!".

"Jummah Mubarak to every Muslim across the galaxy. I’m finally in San Diego for Comic Con. Send me a DM if you’d like to meet up," the 25-year-old activist wrote on Instagram ahead of the convention.

"I’ll be dressed as Geordi La Forge who was originally portrayed by LeVar Burton. Did you know Geordi was born in Mogadishu, Somalia? I guess 'will be born' is more accurate since that won’t happen until 2335. As far as I’m concerned, Geordi is a bonafide Muslim and so am I!".

Fans loved the look: 

In fact, the cosplay went down so well, she is planning to bring it back for the five-day Star Trek convention, which is taking place in Las Vegas from July 31. And she has clarified that she will be incorporating the hijab into those costumes too.

There was a small amount of criticism directed towards the costume's adjustments, but Imani had a succinct response for her critics.

"Some people didn't like my hijab being added to a Star Fleet uniform," she wrote on Twitter. "Luckily true fans of Star Trek know that diversity is key to [Gene] Roddenberry's vision. Thank you to everyone defending me against the trolls."


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