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Everything you need to be part of the fashionable brunch club

Brunching: it’s a highly fashionable occasion, and has nothing to do with lazy weekend lie-ins, pyjamas or homemade waffles.

Brunching: it’s a highly fashionable occasion, and has nothing to do with lazy weekend lie-ins, pyjamas or homemade waffles. It does have everything to do with Valentino heels, pressed culottes, printed blouses and statement shades, along with stacked rings and arm candy. What designer bag you carry is as crucial a decision as which entrée you order.

The more you mention kale, quinoa and chia seeds, the higher your supremacy, and the more superfoods you eat, the more supermodel-like you’re trained to feel. Crisp green salads topped with dollops of dressing and sprinkled with peppers or Parmesan are the new “it” pictures to capture, arranged meticulously on a table, as though preparing a priceless piece of art. Rhubarbs, frittatas, galettes, and soufflés have replaced unpretentious sandwiches, and if you’re not an avocado lover, you’re an outsider.

Captured in bird’s-eye view images, the table-settings of these fancily named foods are complete with a dash of fashion: flawlessly manicured nails garnishing fingers wearing Cartier rings may appear to have been unintentionally caught by the camera, while a Chloé bag may lurk in the corner of the frame. It’s really all a facade; an excuse for fashion-meets-food photography, worthy of cookbooks, lookbooks or both. And while I’ve always been more of a burgers-and-fries kind of girl (which many alleged “brunchers” secretly are too, once out of the range of cameras), I’m all for taking on the role of a posh foodie once in a while.

In terms of the proper ­attire, it’s essential to carry off quirky elegance with effortless ease while brunching. Sound ­complicated? It’s not. Think workwear with a tousled twist. While strappy, heeled sandals and gem-studded flatforms may be preferable, white trainers are also sanctioned on such occasions.

A fully printed dress reminiscent of a past era, be it the 1950s or the 1970s, will work just fine for a brunch date with the girls. Or, Sonia Rykiel style, you could opt for a layered cream-on-cream look with a splash of stripes – a fresh and timely ascent from the all-white trend. For a touch of tomboy, pick out a pair of relaxed Bermuda shorts, pinstripe trousers, atypical Oxfords or unisex sunglasses. When worn with ruffles, peplums or other girlish components, the result can be quite inspiring.

Mixed-print ensembles are equally captivating – not to mention they photograph well, as much as you may deny this being a priority. Take cues from Jonathan Saunders and wear a pastel printed blouse, tying the bottom panels into a knot at the waist, over a striped pencil skirt – eclectic chic is the way to go when brunching.

Accessories are perhaps most key. After all, they’re the pieces that are easily sneaked into photos. You can’t very well stick your leg up or body out into a food photo and remain cool and composed.

Bag-wise, stay small. Mini audieres, kitschy clutches or cute cross-bodies are the it-bags of brunching. On your wrists, pile on some of your favourite bracelets – a few bangles, friendship bracelets and a cuff or two will do.

Once your food arrives, assemble it, along with the cutlery and napkin if you wish, in an appealing fashion. Pose, capture and click. Congratulations – you’ve joined the brunching club.

Published: May 7, 2015 04:00 AM

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