Dubai-based artist Tammam Azzam releases new image to help a peace charity

Tammam Azzam’s New York. Courtesy of Ayyam Gallery and Tammam Azzam
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This powerful image of a destroyed Syrian building being transported by balloons in front of the Twin Towers burning on 9/11 has been released by Syrian artist Tammam Azzam. Azzam, who is based in Dubai and whose image of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss went viral in 2013 when he used a similar overlaying technique, says the work underlines the need for action regarding all acts of terrorism and ensuing humanitarian disasters.

“The event was one of the most dramatic and tragic events of our lifetime, but the lack of empathy and assertive action for the other acts of terrorism and humanitarian disasters around the world troubles me. Empathy should not be limited to the first world,” he says,

The image is part of the #ART4PEACE campaign, part of an initiative by International Alert with an exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery in London (running from September 3-20). The aim of the exhibition is to raise awareness of its work around the world and it features works by more than 20 international artists expressing their views on conflict and peace.

The campaign will draw to a close with a live auction at The Club at The Ivy in London on October 2 and those outside of the UK can start bidding online from September 21, to coincide with UN International Peace Day. All proceeds will go towards funding the work of the charity, which is working on peaceful resolutions to conflict in more than 25 countries, including in Syria, Lebanon and Tunisia.

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